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Subject Moderna mRNA, the vaccine is here. Gates foundation, Cashless society, Mindcontrol, all summarized
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Original Message The vaccine is the real bioweapon.

DNA resonance frequency = relevant later. (Think 5g and computational magic) The company bringing the vaccine specialises on mRNA (stock index: MRNA). They injected the first person officially.

The company is NASDAQ registered MRNA. Their vaccines are not personalized because of practicalities but they will create "groups" of people using "batches of vaccines" in the totally new scientific approach of MRNA based delivery.

We are talking about a new company who came up with the CoVid vaccine in the USA. They are the largest BioTech company ever to get their NASDAQ IPO. Do your own research.

Watch stocks of Moderna Inc

mrna as of Mar 16 4:00 PM ET Markets are closed
26.49 5.19 24.37%

Bill and Melissa gates poured a lot of money into Moderna ("A gift")

Someone asked if Covid is a cover for currency devaluation?

No, Covid is not a cover for a currency devaluation but part of the Cold War (aka the Starwars/jesus control Game played in the previous Cold War but with more Braintoys this time around).

Someone asked and uttered something about a Cashless society?

Answer: You just repeating others.

They want a fully augmented experience using RNM and brainwave stimulation to make you fight (control) other citizens for basic needs... cashless society is an old idea.... you get a social credit score, not virtual money.... the score is determined by your thoughts and bee-havior...


there's an astral war too
 Quoting: Daozen

Very good thread!

I'm pulling the BEST information on GLP for what is likely going to happen together in a summarized post for you to connect the dots and shave yourself (Dude, really, get off here and read TIPS at bottom)

People will come out of Quarantine as "Reincarnated Aliens"
[link to godlike.com (secure)]

What's REALLY happening? Viruses never cause this much chaos!
[link to godlike.com (secure)]

Self Quarantine = 24/7 on The Thing (neighbors toy) RNM ... The Aliens are being reprogrammed now
[link to godlike.com (secure)]

Why you need to be in quarantine (the ugly hidden truth)
[link to godlike.com (secure)]

Resident Evil
[link to godlike.com (secure)]

IT'S JUST ALIENS! (coming in the next weeks).
[link to godlike.com (secure)]

And this thread:

The Largest Psy-Op in Human History is Currently Underway
[link to godlike.com (secure)]

Additional Research for you:

Operation "The Children of the Devil" short Children
Operation/Project CLEANSWEEP (> 2000)
Electronic Mindcontrol
Amnesia drugs
Modus operandi
Psychological Warfare
The Largest Psy-Op in Human History is Currently Underway
(Fake) Psyionic War
(Fake) Psyops like Qanon
(Fake) Covert influencing on Conspiracy website
(Fake) Virus scare. Virus is real but scare is fabricated

Actors who want you to work for The Lord are Deep State controllers who play the "Devil" game on you... are you really that stupid to believe their lies? A normal and sane person doesn't fight AT ALL.

Link it together.


Operation Clean Sweep is the newest project in the OLD list.

[link to www.bibliotecapleyades.net (secure)]

DNA resonance frequency = how they do Remote Neural Monitoring. mRNA coincidence? I think not.


In Quarantine you have much time. Open a blog or two.
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