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Subject DON'T take Ibuprofen!!!
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Original Message The virus has just been shown to enter the lung alveolus cell through the ECAII receptor. When it binds to it it overexpresses it and kills the alveolar cell. Hence everything it produces. Men have more receptors than women, Asians more than Caucasians and people who take anti-hypertensive drugs such as antiECAs and especially Anti-ECAII have a brutal overexpression of the receptor and therefore are more susceptible to infection and infection is more serious.
The serious cases of young people are patients who have taken an anti-inflammatory at the beginning of the disease. You must avoid aspirin, ibuprofen, Naproxen, Voltarene (diclofenac), etc., because they favor serious forms. * You should only take Paracetamol *
Do not take ibuprofen or anti-inflammatory if you suspect Covid
In France 4 serious cases of young people without previous pathology have in common the taking of ibuprofen
It is a health ministry announcement
Apparently it makes the infection develop much faster.
Real information just sent by the Head of Emergency
[link to dgs-urgent.sante.gouv.fr (secure)]
 They are reminded that they should NOT take Ibuprofen, Motrin, Advil and aspirin for flu or fever symptoms. In Italy and France they have discovered that people who have died from Covid-19 have taken ibuprofen and causes the virus to be potentiated 5 or more times. Please avoid self-medication, disclose this and take care of us.
Gentlemen, anyone who has symptoms take only and exclusively
* PARACETAMOL * (except, of course, medical prescription)
and drink plenty of water and very often (if possible sips every 15 minutes)
We also have natural antivirals such as Garlic, Ginger, Propolis, and almost all Aromatic plants (Mint, Melissa (Torongil), Rosemary ...) Cinnamon, Curcuma, Fruits with Vitamin C ... in Infusion preferably ...

* DO NOT * take the following medications * if we have Symptoms *:

In general, none
Nor any * ANALGESIC * containing Tramadol ...
And I'll say ... What are they?
Here is a list if you have questions ...

1) Ibuprofen (includes Espidifen, Neobrufen, Algiasdin, Saetil, (Dalsy, Algidrin and Junifen in children))

2) Naproxen (includes Antalgin, Naprosin, Lundiran, Momen)

3) Dexketoprofen (includes Enantyum, Adolquir, Ketesse, Quiralam, and Zaldiar)

In general, the * ANTI-INFLAMMATORIES * will produce respiratory problems and added to those of the Coronavirus, a very serious picture can be produced ...

Neither * Opiate Analgesics * as:
1) Tramadol (includes Adolonta, Capdol, Captor, Clanderon, Dolpar, Enaplus, Geotradol, Paxiflas, Pazital, Tioner, Tracimol, Tradonal, Zaldiar and Zitram)

* *
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