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Subject Heard Dr. Vladimir Zelenko Interview today : Cured COV19 w/ ZINC, Hydroxychloroquine & Azithromycin
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Original Message Nevada Governor Steve Sisolack will go down in history as having blood on his hands for not allowing ZINC/HYDROXYCLOROQUINE/AZITHROMIACIN to be prescribed early on at first symptom CLINICAL diagnosis (without waiting days for test results). As does any state Governor who blocks hydroxycloroquine treatment along with ZINC and the antibiotic Zpack.

I have an email in to Wayne Root for a pod cast or transcript of his interview with Dr. Zelenko today. The doctor who has now cured up to 650 patients with only one patient needing to be in ICU and ended up cured too.

All of the cloroquine info is totally misunderstood, and that's what I took away from the interview.

What kills the virus (and many more viruses) is ZINC.

COVID19 has a protective shell around it that ZINC cannot permeate or penetrate.

Hydroxychloroquine tears the COV19 'shell' to create a pathway for ZINC to enter the virus cell. That's all it does really, just kick the fucking door down so ZINC can enter the virus shell and kill it instantly.

Azithromycin (Zpack) is just there to treat secondary infections that COV19 causes when it tears up and scars the lung tissue, and is more susceptible to bacterial infection on top of the viral damage.

That's it. 1, 2, 3. ZINC kills the COV19 but needs a SWAT TEAM (Hydroxychloroquine) to break into the virus cell. The Zpack anti-biotic keeps the bacteria from further killing the patient, but ZINC is like weed-killer for COv19.

The key to this treatment is at the very first day of symptoms the 3 part medicine cocktail should be given to the patient before they end up in the ER. This 3 drug cocktail knocks the corona dead within 5 days or so, but without it, a patient can stop breathing overnight on about the 10th day with a sudden spike in viral loads, and infection producing pneumonia .

Once a patient is intubated on a ventilator in the ICU, the mortality rate will be 50% (even with zinc/chlorquine/zpack). The key is to give the 3medicineZinc cocktail at the first signs of symptoms BEFORE the test results come back. Its cheap and can be instantly mass produced without big pharma raping us with $10k pricing.

Dr. Zelenko said in the interview today that he is in close contact with the White House, but I still don't hear that in the media or from POTUS directly.

The Dr. up with Trump now in the press conferences is an idiot to not be speaking of Dr. Zelenco's findings with hundreds of patients at zero fatality rate.

So, if Wayne Root can give out the link to today's interview, I will put it up here. He reads his emails and I've emailed Wayne in the past, so I'm sure I'll get a response eventually.

ZINC/HYDROXYCLOROQUINE/AZITHROMIACIN is the cheapest, easiest mass produced cure that can be found, and proven to work with zero deaths. Big pharma wants to sell patients a $10,000 treatment with 'new drugs' that will drain your bank accounts and take years while millions of Americans die. The USA doesn't need 2 trillion $$ in pork and welfare; it just needs ZINC and two other cheap drugs. cheap, cheap, like $20 per American! My God, do they just want riots and more patient deaths, or can we just cure this with simple a simple vitamin ZINC and two other cheap, common drugs?

If someone can find another interview or link from Dr Vladimir Zelenco, please embed it here.

Meanwhile I'm chugging tonic water and ZINC and Vitamin C just to get pre-conditioned because Dr. Zelenco said that we all will eventually get COV19, and really must get it in order to develop human immunity to it.

Meanwhile ZINC kills it, and you need the other two parts to KO the virus completely. BTW, Zinc is a vitamin. I just bought a crapload of Zinc after shopping 3 stores, I found it!

This is Dr. Zelenco, but not the interview that explains the ZINC and why its the actual virus killer..

[link to www.youtube.com (secure)]

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