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Subject silent running.
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Original Message Actually i'm in a very dark place

The weather outside is beautiful and I need to train but...
GF thinks that my lungs will explode if I go outside.
so she made me promise not to go out.

Watching Bitchute vids. Seeing Bill gates smiling. Seeing the fkn elite and the celebs.
And unable to go to my friends , kiss my GF, or hug my parents.

I get it 'Virus very dangerous'. But I also understand that the hype around the virus is a pure hoax.

Videoclips again.

I see people being blown off the beach by helicopters. And muslims praying at 10inch.
Injustice everywhere. It's demotivating , good is bad and bad is good.


Distopia now not a predictive programming but reality. If i'm mad at my GF ,oh , siri will call the police , reality again. Is this really about a virus ?

It has Agenda2020 written all over it. End of humanity as we know it ?
Maybe I don't want to know the new humanity or what is left of it.
Just Decided that Earth is a criminal planet , not worth for incarnating.

Yes I'm in a dark place.

I can't do my things , be free because of evil and the ignorance of the masses.
Masses to stupid to understand or for that matter even organize.


Don't know why but I always think parrots if I read patriots.
Are there still anyone left ? (I mean patriots of cause)


So Police is policing , and that's a good thing. Sit back and drink the Q-aid. Hell yeah what's the point. Trump says 2-3 weeks , what's happening ? Something good ?!

Just hope and a fairy tale told by a very dead phil scneider. Also that guy in Hanau already told it a month ago.

Q again that's endless hope within limited freedom. I did want an unicorn for christmas a decade ago and still waiting for it to arrive. Q is the same. Hope is good but the story man , the story.

Stamcells Organs Kids tents virusses and chimeras. It's too much , talked with GF. Now GF thinks I lost it. Why ? Well i'm 20 years into that stuff and she 20min. Pretty big Redpill and Siri almost called the cops (exaggerated).

Alone in autistic space continuum again. Maybe there is no world and it's all solipsism.
Just too many syncronisities. Maybe world reacting to my inner death or i'm just megalomanic.
Or maybe just a side effect of t-t-talking with Qanons.
Still cant believe what's happening , without power to stop it the Government took away our freedom. Was there even any freedom to begin with?

Maybe I'm just a slave on a Criminal planet. Cognito ergo sum or 'spreche bahnhoff. autistic space is endless ...

Actually I like the dark space.... no humans , no earth silent running.
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