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Subject THE "ruling ELITE" those who know the truth! Illuminati...
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Original Message Hello everybody!
I think the truth is that the Elite are subject to Higher forces of unearthly origin (Reptiles, serpent-like creatures or the like, similar) that feed on negative energy. To do this, they need an accumulation of negative energy. But, for us, the negative is a catalyst for our awareness and development of the person inside himself! This means that they are doing a double job, that is, they are implementing the idea of a global game. In General, this is for development. The ruling elite, which is subject to Higher forces, is enslaved and does not have its word before the higher mind (the invading mind), which means that they are slaves just like us, but they know the truth in reality! They are pitied because "THEY" are drug-dependent on these creatures and forced rituals and sacrifices!!! It is sad and sad that gives them the right to be like this-it means the goal of the overall plan of the universe! ... it is IMPORTANT that WE continue our internal development, the development of ourselves as a person and the development of children, raising children on another level - real love (not double, not perverted), harmony inside and outside of ourselves, warmth to give, kindness and charity to give every day! Not on holidays to help, but every day! Think, think and live TRUTHFULLY, CLEANLY, be clean inside and out! Pure thoughts and an open soul-that will help them and those higher forces to change! Give these Elite families and these Higher forces that are in control - love and kindness, our understanding and sympathy, and then the WORLD will CHANGE! DO not generate or produce negative thoughts every day - you must live with the truth and a pure heart every day, every hour, every minute! Try it it turns out it is difficult and difficult :)))
BUT you should always live with the truth and a pure heart and there will be no place for negativity and there will be no food for them!!!

All good luck and peace!

P.S. - Try to live positive thoughts and good mood every day - you will feel sick in two days, or even earlier! And you try and live like this - the world will change for the better, when everything will live and flourish in such a way in thoughts and feelings!
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