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Subject In an unprecedented vote, Joe Biden is the President of the United States!
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Original Message Trump is no longer president
Trump starts mega-corporation to re-employ all US citizens
Has his fingers in everything, literally more jobs than can be filled
Combines multiple industries into powerhouses to answer to Covid
SmartGrid, NAFTA Superhighway, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Technology
Entertainment, AR/VR, remote work
Building projects to quickly erect basic living quarters for workers
Free place to live if you work for Mega-corp
Easy to move to new places; Mega-corps everywhere
Healthcare is provided at these establishments, with very fair prices
Tons of perks come along with working at Mega-corp
Free Starbucks, Haircuts, Loot Boxes; etc.
A tax break negotiated w/ the Fed. Reserve (to pay back debt during Covid)
Federal Politicians attempt to dictate orders, but they are ignored by State governments
Troops will not fire on civilians after initial engagements
States begin to reclaim power, form alliances, create supply chains
All using Mega-Corp workers
Unemployment programs funnel directly into Mega-corp
Multi-front project
Military is conscripted by Mega-corp to protect citizens as the "Veil" is pulled back and "Evil" is exposed
Institution of 5G GPS and RealID system - For "Protection"
Done as hiring process in Mega-corp
"As long as we can see you, you'll always be safe."
Biden dies, but no one notices.
Fake news is not allowed within Mega-corp
Mega-corp buys out states through Stock Shares creating a faction of unions
Unions span multiple states; will, for the most part, be organized in peace
Fed is abolished; Mega-corp now owns the country
The Swamp is drained, there's no more corruption, and everyone has a job!

Welcome to Mega-corp. Present ID and step this way for your vaccine!
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