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Subject mRNA Vaccines / Hijack the Human Genome ?
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Original Message Hello :)

It caught our attention the following
[link to essenceproject.net (secure)]
Copy - pasted from a comment from another post

It's NOT a Vaccine

Bill Gates Bio-research Laboratories, a Boston Based company called Moderna was just awarded a $489 million dollar contract by the US government ( Your Tax Dollars) to develop a Vaccine for COVID-19. But it would appear, judging by the never ending Smirk on Bill’s Face, he has a surprise for you. He wants to Hijack the Human Genome forever and remake it into something he and his High Priests of Nano Technology designed in the lab.

What Bill Gates wants to inject into your body, is a Laboratory Engineered Nano-Tech replica of human DNA that controls the production of proteins within cells. Proteins are long chain hydrocarbon molecules that carry out number of essential functions, including; storage of nutrition and energy, transport of enzymes and hormones, cellular metabolism and of course the production of antibodies that fight disease. Everything that happens in your body is transported, structured and carried out by proteins. The production of proteins a cell is carried out according to genetic code from messenger RNA (mRNA). mRNA is produced within the nucleus of the cell when blobs of proteins called RNA-Polymerase splits the double stranded helix into single strands of RNA, which are then “transcribed and recombined” with other RNA genetic material to produce what is called messenger RNA (mRNA). The mRNA then moves from the nucleus into the main part of the cell where they interact with cell structures called ribosomes, which then produce the specific types of proteins needed, based on instructions encoded into the mRNA in a process known as protein synthesis.


[link to www.modernatx.com (secure)]
There are now six prophylactic mRNA vaccines in clinical trials, four of which are being conducted by Moderna Therapeutics. These vaccines combine the advantages of DNA vaccines (natural antigen expression and production that is faster and standardized) while addressing many of the disadvantages. Unlike DNA vaccines, mRNA vaccines do not need to enter the nucleus, nor do they risk being integrated into our DNA, and they are directly translated into protein antigens. As a result, mRNA vaccines require only 1/1000 the dose of DNA vaccines and do not need special delivery devices.

May 2017

and for your information

Moderna currently has nine development candidates in its prophylactic vaccines modality, including:

Vaccines against respiratory infections

Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) vaccine for older adults (mRNA-1777 and mRNA-1172 or V172 with Merck)
RSV vaccine for young children (mRNA-1345)
Human metapneumovirus and parainfluenza virus type 3 (hMPV/PIV3) vaccine (mRNA-1653)
Novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) vaccine (mRNA-1273)
Influenza H7N9 (mRNA-1851)
Vaccines against infections transmitted from mother to baby

Cytomegalovirus (CMV) vaccine (mRNA-1647)
Zika vaccine (mRNA-1893) with the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA)
Vaccines against highly prevalent viral infections

Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) vaccine (mRNA-1189)
To date, Moderna has demonstrated positive Phase 1 data readouts for six prophylactic vaccines (H10N8, H7N9, RSV, chikungunya virus, hMPV/PIV3 and CMV). Moderna’s CMV vaccine is currently in a Phase 2 dose-confirmation study. Moderna’s investigational Zika vaccine (mRNA-1893), currently in a Phase 1 study, was granted FDA Fast Track designation.

[link to pipelinereview.com (secure)]
Published on Wednesday, 04 March 2020

so you do understand that there is no Hijacking of the Human Genome.

Thank you.
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