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Subject The End Is Nigh.....Good luck with that...
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Original Message I was born in 1984. I have been watching. I grew up in a house where lies were your only truth. So I learned how to play all the games so I didn't have to play. I hate others. Even the good ones. Too much work. So why am I bringing this up? I am stuck in a war between all these assholes with money that say they are the good guys and they know best. I can't get away from it. In america we have a weird thing about having to smile all the time and pretend nothing is going on in the world but I still see what is going on. And My wife just had to bring this shit(Zetas) up to me a few years. I dislike aliens as much as I do humans. Can't see how they can be much diff from humans. But I start watching as it could be true. They lie so.... I am pretty sure some of what they say is true.

So what is true? Or what I find to be my truth. WW2 never ended. it went underground in fear of the nuke.And signed the accord to keep us all in the dark. It was started on the information about the event.

I have done years of research. At times to the point it should have been a job. And while I can't tell you what will happen, I can tell you something is happening. And it is bad. None of these people in high places would be doing this otherwise. They risk the mobs angry. Not the "Mob" but more like the human mob. Everyone and every "thing" is paying their hand right now and calling their cards.

The only thing I want is to be left alone with the technology my planet has came up with. Which is vast and the stuff dreams and nightmares are made of. And beyond phones you wouldn't know this. At first this it what set me on the path to the event. Why was none of the tech making it out of the labs. Well that is a long rabbit hole that just leads to this kind of thing. All paths lead to Rome.

I find the only thing you have to do is survive this.... Well good luck. No one is safe. No where is safe. Not that it couldn't have been. But they all wanted to play their games. For what they think of as the human soul. "The grass is always greener on the other side I guess" Whatever made these people do what they did here we are. About to the event....

And the only thing I can think of at this point. While I watch from the side lines in which beyond a few choices they are giving have been traps for those not making the good/bad choice while all sides saying they are the good guys.

While I am going into this poor in america I have planned well. And very glad of that. Whatever the event is. Or whatever happens. I feel sorry for any who wished to play god at this time. Humans don't have a good track record there. I can't wait to watch that happen.

I wish you all luck. And good and clear paths. If you are on here you at least a mind to find what is out there. Good luck for doom is here. And the bell toll. The long doom end is at hand. Look to the world she knows it has come.........
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