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Subject Theory: Why we can't record clear videos of UFO / UAP
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Original Message This is the best theory I could come up with. I have never heard or read this idea before.

Obviously the grey craft are designed in a non reflective material and finish for the purpose of being incognito. The crafts were possible designed for the specific purpose of human surveillance / studies.

Who knows how long they have been studying our species. For all we know they are carrying out long term studies on us and we have no idea. It could be genetic or environmental or who knows maybe even concepts that are well beyond our comprehension at this time. We could be like fish in a tank, oblivious to the glass walls.

Their capabilities are so far beyond ours that we can't even record them clearly. Possibly a tech that causes visual disturbances...this could be an explanation on why nobody can get clear videos. Everything about their crafts, by design, are made to avoid detection and record.
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