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Subject Rapture Alert!!! The 7th of June 2020
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Original Message Erin's Dream 62 – June 7th Newscast of Millions Missing
Dream Received on Sunday, May 12, 2013
I was in the Spirit and was observing - I was looking at some people in a living room waking up with the
morning news. A TV anchor was on a special report. He said:
"If you are now just waking up on the West Coast, this morning of June 7th, you will now come
to realize the sad and very tragic EVENT that has just occurred. There is complete chaos - you
are to remain in your homes, do not go outside but remain where you are. Many people have
suddenly disappeared, mostly children - I repeat do not leave your homes!"
We were removed -- Gone. There was wailing like when I saw the Passover in Egypt or the killings in
I woke up out of this sleep sitting straight-up. A shock went through my body. I looked at the clock, it
was time for me to get up. I had a very difficult time with this. As I have not ever been given a date but,
this seemed ominous to say the least. I remember thinking, Lord are you granting me a heads-up to
share or what am I to do with this? I can't be given a date now and not share this? I am not a Prophet
but now this would be prophecy. Is this You Lord or the enemy?
I got up per my usual routine; communion, prayer and journaling. I wrote this down. I saw the vision in
my head as clear as day. I saw the mother in the house run to her child's bedroom. The child was gone. I
heard screaming so gut wrenching that I begged the Lord for this to not be the case.
This is what he said, "Erin, these things will occur. It is no longer a matter of "if" as this has never been
used. It is a matter of "when". Do you understand?"
Me: "Lord, is there anything more that I can do? Do I share this information?"
Dream 62: Jesus: "Erin, the date [of June 7th] you were given HAS SIGNIFICANCE. This is for you to unfold
it. Be cautious in doing so. This will not be popular and you will come under great scrutiny for it. This is
okay. I am here with you."
Me: "Lord, so this is from you? Is this now, 2013? Help, I am uncertain of the year."
Jesus: "You will know by the overwhelming evidence. Erin, I have given you friends in this season, fellow
sparrows and others to help you with what you cannot have time for.
These gifts are beyond what I have given you. All of your friends will help. You will know of my coming or
the time of the first great distress by the signs, they will require many different gifts from many types of
people. These will be music to your ears but sandpaper for the enemy. You are not the only one. By the
words in Joel there are others too. Please do not be discouraged. Gather your information first then
release it at the proper time."
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