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Subject Incoming Wave(((s)))
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Original Message DISCLAIMER: The following may or may not be fiction. Or perhaps more likely, a bit of both.

Earth, Early 21st Century

The top scientists of the world have deciphered ancient artifacts from all over the world, from multiple ancient civilizations, who have been confirmed to have made contact with an advanced race(s) of beings some time ago in the past.

Detailed, astronomical knowledge, that was consistently found all 7 continents and was confirmed to have existed over 5,000 years ago, was the hard proof that scholars needed to draw a definite conclusion that indeed, ancient civilizations from all over Earth were telling the truth about being visited by "those who came from heaven."

In these records of the stars, was a "prophecy" about a coming event that would impact the Earth in a drastic way. An event that the Solar System and Earth experiences multiple times, every cycle around the Galactic Center. An event that would occur sometime in 2020-2021.

According to these records, the way that humanity survived in the past was to go under ground. So the top scientists and "elite" of the world decided to keep the secret under wraps and began to prepare only the top echelon of society to be the successors of humanity by taking refuge in under ground shelters.

Fast forward to 2020...

Modern Day World, COVID19 and all.
The "elite" are taking to their bunkers in mass as they await the incoming Galactic wave to wipe out humanity.
Propaganda and drama abounds to distract the masses from what approaches.

Then one day, out of the blue;


The radiation lasts for almost two years.
Finally the survivors determine it is safe to surface.
Cautiously they exit their shelters and begin to look for remnants of life.

To their surprise, EVERYONE is alive and GLOWING.
Their skin is so bright it is hard to look at them.
Then they begin talking with their mind, directly to whomever they wish. They FLOAT around and pass through walls and other objects effortlessly.

Upon conversing with them, it becomes obvious these people catch glimpses into the future and can read the past of anything it focuses on. It can even displace itself in the now anywhere on earth.

These beings explain to them that this Galactic Wave had a very primal energy signature which was closer to the original "consciousness" of the Universe. upon being exposed to this special radiation, their awareness level was raised considerably and their bodies began emitting incredible amounts of Light until finally, they were able to transmute their entire physical bodies into a higher frequency and pass through physical objects.

They also revealed that they are now immortal and will only pass from this world when they choose.

And the so called "elite" lived in harmony with the newly created race of humans for about 100 years until the last of them died of old age and disease. After surfacing, the "elites" found that they could no longer reproduce and eventually, it seemed, Mother Nature was determined to wipe them out to make room for the new race of mankind whom lived in a Golden Age for the next cycle to come.

The End . . . For Now
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