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Subject Celeste Solum (7/13/2020): The BEAST is Here! — 'You are Getting Dosed at the Time of Testing' — Stunning Revelations re: MASKS
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Original Message Celeste Solum (7/13/2020): The BEAST is Here! — 'You are Getting Dosed at the Time of Testing' — Stunning Revelations re: MASKS


The BEAST is animated and comes to life using fallen angel technology and witchcraft. The language bringing it to life began as the Python but has now expanded. Scientists and researchers call it BEAST 1.00. It now uses snakemaker coding. You will clearly see that masks are in the coding, as well as [insidious] plots, augur, auspice and more. Every word is weaponized and dual use for plausible deniability. The guidance and glue that is used is Geomancer platform and Spellbook. It is not wonder that people are like under an obedience spell and trance-like state.

Furthermore, this system will be used within the:

* Testing

* Vaccination

* Sensory tracing

To inject the DNA of Satan into anyone who uses any of the above-mentioned technologies. You lose your humanity and are blotted out of any possibility of being written in the Lamb’s Book of Eternal Life. He does not recognize you as human any longer.

The vaccination for the Next Wave is a SynBio Construct carrying the very DNA of rebellious Fallen Angels, resulting in physical and eternal death.

Bluntly put, the deployment of these Nano SynBio Entities means that masks, vaccinations, other technologies are useless. They have been designed as permanent depopulation mechanisms to prevent life in this world and the eternal Hereafter. Your only option of protection is Psalm 91 under the protective blood of Jesus. The truth is that life is eternal, and you will spend it in heaven or hell. Your choice…

FULL ARTICLE (Also Mentioned in Video Below) HERE…

[link to shepherdsheart.life (secure)]
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