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Subject NO SPAM Serious Discussion - Ron Paul Presidential Frenzy -- THE LATEST SATANIC MIND CONTROL
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Original Message Americans, far be it from me to burst your satanic bubbles, but
AND THERE ARE NO SAVIORS (but yourselves).

Why do you allow yourselves to be so emotionally hyped up over a
remotely controlled outer directed Illusion?

Why do illusions/images dangled before you by Media mind
controllers have such an effortless, yet profound effect upon you?

Why do you transform yourself ever four years into idiots,
prancing, dancing, and singing during political conventions, complete
with Straw hats and banners, confetti and all that nonsense?

In your ignorance, do you really think that such silly, inane and
irresponsible behavior is going to turn our country around? If you do,
you are victims of "Magickal Thinking." the mainstay of Satanic

The whole political system (and religious systems as well) is a
SATANIC ILLUSION. How many of you see the Truth of that? How many of
you are blinded by the impotence of Intellectual thought which has
such an iron-gripped Satanic hold over your consciousness?

Based in Thought, fueled by dualism and opposition, each of you
have been thrust into your "personal" Hell, your current state of
IGNORANCE and you have been kept there by Satanic Mind Controllers who
play you like puppets on strings. They, the remote controllers, pull,
they yank, and you dance to their tune (with or without straw hats).

Ron Paul strikes me as being a good man, at least in appearances.
His ambitions and political designs, however, betray that image. Yet
there are thousands of you who are so weak, so helpless in your own
lives that you jump on any bandwagon of Illusion that comes along with
promises that claim will save you from yourselves.

Our political and religious systems are Satanic in Nature. THEY
ARE CORRUPT. By your support of it, YOU ARE CORRUPT. No insult, no
attack, JUST FACT.

Only the corrupt system prevails; men such as Ron Paul and any
other Polititician who agrees to play the game, serve to act as a
point of identification for which millions of voters will sell their
souls for the hope and promises made by such men. When have you ever
known government TO KEEP ITS PROMISES?

Look at what the Satanic spun Myth of Jesus Christ has brought
the world. Is is peace and unity, or endless conflict and division?

Look at every political election that has ever been. You will see
its appearances never match its performances afterwards.

Until you get off your duffs, and remove the corrupt officials from
their offices and take personal responsibility for yourselves and your
lives may I suggest you whistle DIXIE. It's as effective as you're
going to get in your present confused, frantic, and hopeless momentum

You do do know how to whistle Dixie, don't you? You purse your
lips together AND BLOW.
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