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Subject Racial Incident just now in Publix
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Original Message I was at a Publix just now in northeast metro Atlanta (Gwinnett County). Waiting in line at deli to get some meat. There were 3 people in front of me and 3 behind me. Suddenly a large black lady walks up and just gets in line in front of me. I said "excuse me" and she turned to me and said that she had been in line but had to go to the bathroom. She said the lady in front of her said it would be fine. That lady caught my eye and shook her head no.
At that point, politely but firmly I told her that that is not how lines work. If you get out, you don't get to get back in where you were. So at this point, she was still standing off to the side so I just moved my cart up. She then physically bulldozed her way in front of me.
At that point I decided to let it go. So she had a large order and was still at the counter when I got up there. So I told her, sarcastically, "enjoy your meal". She turned to me and said "you take what you get, cracker!" I was stunned. I had not turned this in any way into a racial thing. I would have said the same things if the person were white, black, brown, red, or purple. The guy behind me who had seen the whole thing said "karma's a bitch, Lady!" As she walked off, giving us the finger.

I am not a racist person, but it is incidents such as this that make those of us who are not racist start to lean in that direction. WTF is wrong with people?
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