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Subject DEMOCRAT CONVENTION: Obsessed w/ a guy/girl? Stalker. Obsessed w/ abusing children? Pedophile. Obsessed with race? RACIST?
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Original Message Since Democrats are OBSESSED with race this election, would that not make them racist?
[link to www.demconvention.com (secure)]

It seems MIGHTY convenient that the "race riots" happened, and now they are trying to use that to win...

But these Liberals are only causing blacks to be locked up more than their white counterparts that are stirring the pot, and poking the hornets nest.
Thread: Clever white liberals behind Black Lives Matter trick thousands of blacks into getting arrested to further their Communist agenda.
Thread: LOLOL! White liberals behind BLM are causing blacks to be locked up! ""These BLM Protesters Had No Idea How One Arrest Could Alter Their Liv

Intrusive thoughts and projections.

If anyone wants to debate me on the Democrats being the architects of BOTH instances of the Klan, Protesters and defenders of slavery and the statues the Dems want removed all being of Democrats, feel free to respond.

I love history.

Commies/Marxists/Socialists HATE History and Religion.

Find me one Liberal who attends church, and I will show you a virtue signaling poser.
(I am not religious myself, but I have values and morals)
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