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Subject COVID-19 BOMBSHELL: CIA Coup to Overthrow the Executive Branch
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Original Message Some of us have know all along there is more to the Covid story than meets the eye. Whether or not you agree with everything Dr. Horowitz says, this is worth a read. I have followed Dr. H's work for 28 years.


COVID-19 BOMBSHELL: CIA Coup to Overthrow the Executive Branch Explains Virus, Political Impositions, and Risks to Public Health & Safety

"President Trump has demanded from the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (“CIA”) unredacted records evidencing a CIA coup that extends into politics, science, and COVID-19's origin and treatments.

Objecting to the President's demand is former CIA director John Brennan, whose complicity with Hillary Clinton is showing. Democratic National Committee leaders, top Justice Department officials, and Obama administration politicians were in on the public deceptions, including ones demanding 'social-distancing,' 'mask-wearing,' business 'shutdowns,' and mandatory vaccinations. Together they conspired to manufacture and administer the ‘Russian Hoax’ to overthrow the Executive Branch of government. They hid COVID-19's lab origin, and censored science surrounding it. Their actions beg the question, "What more are they hiding?"

Maybe now the world will address Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz’s decades-long warnings that the CIA cannot be trusted. The Big Pharma, Big Banking, Big Energy, and Big Biotech 'gestapo' has 'conflicting interests'. They oversee America’s biological weapons and cancer virus research programs. They direct infectious disease operations supposedly 'controlled' by the Centers for Disease Control ("CDC"). Dr. Fauci’s National Institute for Allergies and Infectious Diseases ("NIAID") operates under the oversight of the CIA. If you wonder how the 'mad-stream' media coordinates its 'public health' and political messaging so well consider the CIA's direct influence.

With allied Western intelligence agencies, the CIA secures the covert operations and social-engineering of the global elite's 'Deep State'."

If anyone would be interested in reading his full article, which is well worth the read, you can find it here:
[link to judicialcorruptionnews.com (secure)]
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