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Subject Lets recap on what we know for sure:
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Original Message Joe M·@StormIsUponUs
1 hour ago·44541

Update thread:
Lets recap on what we know for sure:
1. Trump will get past 270.
2. Patriots always knew that pallets of fake Biden ballots were sent from China to inject into states that needed them.
3. Enemy strategy is to delay calling guaranteed Trump states to fake perception of a Biden win.

Next phase:
1. Soon (hopefully by end of week), last states will report, and Trump's 270 target will be reached.
2. As soon as he is declared winner, the entire Deep State kingdom and their media allies will fiercely push a narrative of a "stolen election" by a dictator.
3. They will initiate some worrying kinetic actions like power outages, downed social media and rioting.
4. I'm going to skip this step because we can't know how patriots will crush it.
5. Recounts and ballot fraud exposure will reveal the true size of the Red Wave.

This is what freeing ourselves from globalist tyranny feels like. At least we aren't getting musket shots to the face. HOLD THE LINE! WE GOT THIS.

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