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Subject need medical opinions (anyone's opinion) about rare condition.
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Original Message i have ear pressure and pain (doctor says my ears look clear so no infection), sinus pressure (mostly happens in the bridge of my nose it's almost like my eyes feel like they want to cross - again no obvious infection) and sometimes double vision. plus i get headaches and neck aches.

11 years ago i noticed alot of clear fluid coming out of my nose and was told it was the csf fluid around my brain leaking through a hole in my skull into my sinuses. i had surgery for it but it didnt work. i still have it and for the last 10.5 years my only symptoms have been clear fluid draining from my nose intermittently throughout the year. nothing else. all these symptoms are new and very sudden. i have noticed no increase in drainage.

i went to my doctor today (my real family doctor, not mediclinic doctors that are a dime a dozen in canada with our universal healthcare, you can just walk into a clinic and see a doctor for 'free').

my doctor is concerned. i cried and told him my quality of life is very bad. i get nauseated sometimes. i have severe anxiety.

it's very easy to see a doctor and present a history of a csf leak. and be told your symptoms are very obvious to a csf leak/inracranial hypo/hypertension. basically i'm a textbook case.


there are other problems that might be factoring in on my symptoms.

one of them is that the extreme stress of my symptoms and general FREAKING OUT thinking all the fluid is going to drain out of my brain and kill me is causing great anxiety. when i go to bed at night, and that's not often because i have severe insomnia from anxiety, i clench my teeth so hard.. when i wake up the next day my teeth hurt, my gums hurt, my jaw hurts. my neck hurts. i have a headache in the back of my head. it's easily relieved by 500mg tylenol and 200mg advil. when the headache disappears so do the sore teeth and gums. that is the only headache i ever really get.

could this teeth clenching be causing my ear symptoms? or a csf leak, intracranial hypo/hypertension? in two weeks one doctor said he saw fluid in my middle ear. another doctor said he saw a plugged eustachian tube from wax build up. my doctor today said my ears were clear. all i know is they hurt and are itchy and feel pressurized. i noticed that clenching your teeth can cause ear pressure and pain because your ears are so close to your jaw.

my eyes. i have graves disease. which can cause your eyes to bulge. so i have seen a opthamologist. when these symptoms first started. the double vision and dizzyness and pressure. i coincidentally had a followup with the doctor. so luckily i was able to get eye testing and eye pressure readings.

all were normal. so there is nothing technically pushing my eyes out. but i feel this pressure. i have alot of clear mucous drainage and my nose feels blocked alot. i blow it constantly and i have allergies to mold. i was tested years ago. could my symptoms be caused by allergies, chronic sinusitus, or a csf leak or intracranial hypo/hypertension?

sometimes i feel like my head is floating. the vertigo. which i'm sure has something to do with my ears being under pressure. i get nauseated but i can't say if it's from the vertigo. or from stress.

all i know is when i take a double dose of clonazepam all i'm left with is sore ears and that spacey feeling behind the bridge of my nose. but the nausea is gone. the stress is gone.

i know this is a long post. but i need opinions. i can't see my neurosurgeon until he 'finds the location of the leak' and i've had ct scans, mris, and they can NEVER pinpoint the leak. my nose fills up over a few days (i don't always leak every day, it's like it collects and then when i tip my head, which i try to avoid, i lose about a tablespoon of fluid). for some reason they can never catch the actual act of the dye going into my sinus cavity. the neuro wont' see me until he knows where the leak is. that is what he said. end of story. so i'm stuck here teetering on the edge of insanity. searching for answers, alternate theories...

the bottom line is that i CANNOT UNDERSTAND how after 10 and a half years of living almost symptom free, all of a sudden out of the blue i get these other symptoms and BOOM i'm diagnosed with something that is connected to the leak. and they don't explore other possibilities. if i had gone to the doctor originally with these symptoms and never mentioned the leak. what would they have done? what diagnosis would i have gotten? does that make any sense at all? i feel like i have a prejudice against me. they won't listen to any other suggestion i have. it kind of pisses me off. what reason would i start getting these symptoms now? i'm 37 years old. this started when i was 26. what change happens in those years that causes one to start having wicked symptoms all of a sudden. i feel for you people who have had the pain and headaches and horrible symptoms since day one. but i'm so suspicious about this.

part of me hopes and prays that all my symptoms are benign. maybe i'm allergic to the cats i had for two months last may when all these symptoms started and i still have dander in my house (i actually started feeling like this as soon as i moved into this new house), maybe the fall leaves are molding and i'm sick from it. maybe i have TMJ. maybe i have such bad anxiety i'm depersonalizing, derealizing and disconnecting. i just don't know anymore.

any objective open opinions?
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