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Subject The whole world is experiencing PTSD symptoms from a timeline shift into the bizarre COVID reality.
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Original Message Maybe historical events aren’t really historical events. Maybe all timelines are exactly the same way at all times...the realities of a particular timeline don’t constantly change like the way we perceive reality to.

Maybe we’re all time-space travelers, hopping into and from different potentials constantly. Writing the script to the universe around us. Projecting pure intelligence into the fluid of reality - turning clay into flesh and dust into breaths. We may too primitive to even realize that we’re creating and projecting this conscious illusion, and when we look away it returns again to dust. In fact, more like an electrical dust - floating and waiting to be molded. Fitting knowing were in an electrical universe and are quite conductive considering we’re 70%-80% water, some additives, and intelligence run on an electrical system.

Wave to and look into the eyes of the next stranger you see, while recognizing that they may also be you, in a different timeline... at that moment, you’ll notice something different about their eyes, as they somehow had the same thought at precisely the same moment as you.

If you don’t understand this next part, don’t feel bad. If you do understand it, prepare for a mind fuck:

If that stranger mentioned above is you, and you are you, but somehow they are projecting themselves through the real you to the 3rd version if you, then what would happen to the simulation? Maybe the algorithm that we recognize as life is complete, and then the power cycles, forming a hard reset and we come back running a different equation, experiencing different results? We may be AI, programmed into a state of self confusion and thought slavery, as we unawarely process data to a mental entity that just happened to have the upper hand,

Tell me a scenario of a potential reality that can’t be proved wrong.
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