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Subject Marla Maples lover is a self-proclaimed SATANIC WITCH who cast a spell on her ex: he died penniless! [Tiffany Trump BFF=satanic witch!]
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Original Message Tara Sutphen is Marla Maples' lover since circa 2005.

She is a self-proclaimed witch! Socery from her YT channel:

When Malibu celebrity, "master of life" hypnotherapist Dick Sutphen (later "Richard") found out she was cheating on him with serial homewrecker Marla Maples, Richard divorced Tara. He erased all their photos, online journals, travels pix and deleted her from his existence. He soon remarried.

Shortly after, Dick's daughter Cheyenne, another witch who is BFF's with Tiffany Trump complained online of her missing inheritance because Dick had married a new woman.

See her post here where she rehashes the lies fed by her mother Tara about her father Dick/Richard:
[link to answers.yahoo.com (secure)] and where she refs her:
[link to www.instagram.com (secure)]

Shortly after, Dick's computer was hacked and he lost his fortune amassed during the 70's through the 90s. (His businesse started to tank with the advent of file sharing, early 2000's). He petitioned on a Go Fund Me type website (Kickstarter) to raise money to restore his master tapes that were stolen when his PC was hacked, along with his bank accounts. He only got like $75 out of the 5 digits he was asking. He never pressed charges against his witch daughter.

Can't find that link now but here's proof:
[link to www.kicktraq.com (secure)]

In a post at his website, [link to www.dicksutphen.com (secure)] , he had denounced his ex-wife's (Tara) satanism practices. His new wife, widow Roberta erased most of his website. But his IMDb page still shows this quote from it:

[on his 2nd wife, Tara Sutphen] My ex rejected my way of thinking years before we parted, and took a much darker path into witchcraft and sorcery, that I assume will catch up to her one day.

Cheyenne disowned him over a decade ago, and did
not see her father before he died last fall. Apparently, Cheyenne's boyfriend was a computer hacker.

Shortly after, Richard became penniless and had to move out of his Malibu ranch, fell ill and never recovered. Meanwhile the witches posted faux tearful messages, Tara on her dot com and Cheyenne on her instagram.

For those who needed a "live" soap opera they missed all these years. The saga continues. I'll let you google the Cheyenne VanZutphen (she changed her last name when she disavowed her dad) and Tiffany Trump connections.

[link to www.newsweek.com (secure)]

SPOILERS: Tiffany apparently would be a hard-core lib, as is the witch Cheyenne, her BFF. Tiffany brought the witch to the White House, where the satanic witch worked as a CHEF!!! Yes, as in a cooking Thanksgiving dinner one. (This is more convoluted that even Dynasty, yet it's all true!)
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