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Subject Did Dr Steve Pieczenik lose the bet on A. J. Show? $200,000/yr commentator job VS proven PsychOP?
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Original Message Dr Steve Pieczenik made a bet with Alex J on his last show.
The bet was that President Trump would remain our president, And that Biden/Harris/and many others would all be arrested.
Pieczenik said there was a military coup going on and that was the reason for all the military presence in DC. Alex J said he would pay Pieczenik $200,000 a year to be a main commentator on his show if Pieczenik ended up being right and if he was wrong he would not be on the show again and lose credibility...

What do you l think?
Is Pieczenik really a disinformation psych op who gives partial truth to mislead the masses so that like the Q following, the masses will not take action and “trust the misleading plan?”

Or is Trump still our legal president and Biden et all going to be arrested at some point? Pieczenik seemed to hint that all this would go down by January 20th which has now passed with what seems like Biden being in office and no arrests made.

Personally, if there was a plan of mass arrests it seems to not be going according to plan. I also believe there is so much disinformation going on that perhaps there is a lot more surprises to come. I think President Trump will come back into leading the majority of the people and there will be massive exposure and arrests made in the USA followed by arrests all over the world. I say we ride and am waiting to celebrate and eat some cake, too! Let’s see what happen between now and March 4th!

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