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Subject Science/Spiritual Convergence - The Masters Meet Mike Mandeville - The Period Immed. Ahead
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Original Message BULLETIN ITEM: Convergence of Science With Ryden's Psychic Work: The Period Immediately Ahead

MWM: Once again Ruth Ryden in her December Newsletter provides some highly interesting information which parallels so well the fundamental shifts around us I find the information well worth reflecting upon. There is a certain sychroncity in the infornmation I have been finding on the material plane and what she has been finding on the ethereal "x" dimension. Her "x" dimensional source(s) she refers to as "the masters", signing to us that this is information provided by sentient beings. The selection below is just part of her newsletter, write her if you desire more. Ruth/Jim Ryden <[email protected]>

In a nutshell, she suggested for December and early Winter a pretty rugged weather and increased earthchanges. For the time ahead she also suggests that too many powers that be have become aroused to block the further moves and ambitions of the Cheney/Bush Junta. Accordingly, her source(s) suggest that the danger of war with Iran is waning, which is immensely good news. She also suggests, very discretely in understated terms, that the person to be elected the next President is getting a lot of X dimensional help, some "prayers" ARE being answered, and the new President will be from outside the orbit of the Black Arts Nation and the Imperial Faction, allowing Americans to begin a profound era of very badly needed transformation. In the material below, I have decided to interject a couple of comments which corroborate her "reading".


Question: What does the coming month of December, 2007 hold for humanity? Are the winter storms going to be stronger in some areas? Do you see earthquakes on our West Coast as many are now predicting for the coming months ­ movement detected between Japan and our West Coast recently. What warnings would you feel you need to give?

MASTERS: The last month of your year will be long remembered for the intensity of winter storms, not only in the northern states and the East Coast, but also all through the North American Continent. Canada will be hit with lower-than-normal temperatures which will knock out power in many areas for days at a time. This will probably happen in the large cities in the U.S., and even affect the northern areas of Mexico. The storms will contain high winds at times, high amounts of snow and ice. Just “when” this will happen will depend upon the atmospheric conditions being affected by solar winds and high energy coming in from the cosmos very shortly. Be sure to have provisions for food, water and heat ready for any emergency. Temperatures will be fluctuating from the very lows, to moderately nice days during all this.

MWM: Whewwwww!!! This newsletter was sent out December 1 and in the space of the last 96 hours we have had record-breaking wind and rain, and snowfall from Northern Mexico to the Yukon. Wow. What a great transmission, Ruth, what a great transcription of the information. Please thank Third Party for me. Please thank yourself for me. I will keep this in mind for the rest of the month, BECAUSE, RUTH, THE LAST HALF OF THE MONTH IS DESTINED BY THE COSMIC FACTORS IN THE SOLAR SYSTEM FOR EVEN GREATER ACTIVITY. Your source(s) are reading from the same cosmic pages I have managed to learn how to open. Incidentally, the activity is primarily driven at the moment by the effect of the North Pacific Gyre Hotspot and the La Nina. The Hotspot produced the prodigious water which has just been dumped on the PSW and the PNW. This source is waning, but La Nina will keet the Jet Stream located against the Oregan/Washington coast. Solar stimulation will come into increasing play during the latter part of the month. So the recond breaking rainfall is probably over, but powerfull storms will probably bring in more rain and snow and severe wind damage. All this of course will work accross the continent. KEEP IN MIND THAT THIS IS A GLOBAL WARMING WINTER IN LA NINA PHASE. On an annual basis, there is less overall energy from the Sun than in the past 20 years at this moment. So these wintry extremes have nothing to do with the Sun. IT IS GLOBAL WARMING in the oceans PUSHING THE ATMOSPHERE INTO GREATER EXTREMES OF ACTIVITY.

MASTERS: If you need to be outside, please be careful and wear plenty of protective gear, especially for children and older people.
Check on those who are alone or ill to make sure there is enough heat for them.
Europe and Asia will also feel unexpected weather anomalies during the month. High and low temperatures will be elevated to a surprising extent. Northern Europe will experience the strongest and coldest winter in centuries, bringing to a halt political rivalries and thoughts of conflicts. China will also feel the sting of the cold, as will many areas of the Middle East. Personal survival will overcome the need for greed or power in many places.

MWM: England and Ireland, is as I write this, are being pummeled by an intense storm from the North Atlantic Oscillation (warm phase of a 20 year cycle). As the PNW, so western and northern Europe. All patterns roughly parallel, differentiated by differences in the oceans.

MASTERS: The movement of the crustal plates continues to move as a domino effect, which will bring movement to all parts of the world in time. The Pacific plates will be receiving pressure from all sides and the West Coast of North America will be feeling quakes in low ranges for most of the month. The quake in the Caribbean yesterday heralds some shifting that will affect Central America in the near future, and the faults running near San Francisco may well be moving this month, bringing unusual quakes all during the month. Hawaii’s volcanoes will calm down a little, but start erupting again around the last of the month.
The Arctic and Antarctica will experience colder temperatures than last winter and some of the ice will come back again for a short time, although not as in previous years. The melting of the ice packs and glaciers will continue to occur, even in this unusual year.
Watch the winter skies at night for displays of light, even in the southern regions, and the sightings of many shooting stars and the tracks of meteors as they make their way through your Solar System.
This is a month of celebration of peace on Earth; find your peace within and share it with others. The warmth of Love is even better than a space heater!”


Question: Many questions are concerning and confusing the entire world, and in our country the threat of our leaders putting us into another war is one of the most chilling right now. Do you see the U.S. actually failing to negotiate with Iran and other Middle East countries to the point of having to keep them from using atomic weapons on each other or on the U.S.?

MASTERS: “Negotiations going on now behind the scenes between the ruler in Iran and in other Middle East countries have to do with providing themselves with enough fire power to protect from invasion from the U.S. There is not a total compliance with this concept, however, and what they are trying to do is being stalled constantly and creating an immense amount of frustration. There is not a solid governmental situation in Iraq to work with and the U.S. Military can only try to keep things as quiet as possible to prevent further explosions of violence. Regardless of all this tension, there is also a rising wave of determination among the peoples of the Earth to finally come to a place where humanity can live in peace and security. There are many factions that do not receive media attention at all that are accomplishing dramatic alliances between governmental sources who are working very hard to end the negative attitudes of leaders and brain-washed followers by education and helpful communication. At this time, we see an upswing in the amount of negotiators trying to calm the fears that are awash in the Middle East and Europe; they are beginning to make a difference. In spite of the U.S. President’s determination to make a name for himself by “winning” a war, either the one now in force or a new one, we do not see Americans letting him do so, for his power is waning rapidly and the Congressional powers will take over for the remainder of his term, by overturning any such further war-making laws. The better way to accomplish peace in your country and in the world is by flushing away the fear and negative attitudes in each mind and heart. Human beings still have no real concept of the personal power you all have within. All of the writings and speeches promoting fear and violence are part of the problem; see and feel what you wish your world to be and it will be in your personal area of living. When the millions of people on Earth learn this, it will be a new and beautiful world, free of violence, hatred, fear, and inappropriate thoughts and deeds.”

MWM: Again, the synchonicity of events here is so close I fall off my chair reading this. On Monday the Press revealed a report which is the consolidated unanimous opinion of the U.S. Intelligence Community. I am no fan of theirs, but this obviously reflects a coming together of the "operators" of intelligence deep in the agencies to tell the straight up truth in the face of Cheney's leering bigoted sneers about the grave threat in Iran. By informing publically the people of the United States that Iran has no nuclear bomb program, in fact terminated its early efforts in 2003, by making this known in the face of the past six months of prograndizing efforts by the Cheney-Bush Junta, the professional intelligence people have turned the entire political scene upside down. CNN today featured one reporter after another expressing reports and opinions that Bush has out and out been lying about the threat from Iran for the past several months. The country's professionals are in an uproar over this. I have never heard so many expressions in the media that Bush is a feeble-headed liar who has lost his marbles. What a refreshing change. And, while I am on this soapbox in your mind, let me thank you and several other million people are use the iway intensely for all their efforts to dig for and share the truth. WE HAVE ALL ACHIEVED A PROFOUND VICTORY. THANK YOU. THANK YOU THANK YOU. We the citizens of this country have managed to create a profound shift of opinion and atmosphere in the U.S. which has enabled and emboldened honest brokers of intelligence to tell the truth in the face of an hostile gang of criminals who operate out the White House. THIS IS YOUR VICTORY, PLEASE CLAIM IT IN YOUR HEART AS YOUR OWN. THE FEVER IS GOING TO LIFT, I REPEAT, THE WAR FEVER IS LIFTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Quest​ion: The presidential race in the U.S. is becoming an in-fighting political mess. Do you see that we might finally actually be able to elect a strong and wise leader for this torn-up country? How much guidance is being sent and received by those who are master-minding all this? Will there be spiritual intervention to see that the leadership of the world’s governments get on the right track in the next few years?

MASTERS: “The race for the nomination is, and will be, a very nasty name-calling event for the next few months. The need for new and better legislation is evident in the minds of all of the candidates, and each is trying to find a way to get his/her ideas across to the public. The few in the race who have a better view of what needs to be done and better control of themselves will be coming to the foreground very soon as possible leaders of the pack, so to speak. There is a possibility of another man or woman coming into the race, but we do not see them succeeding. The new president will be a person who will be in a state of confusion for awhile, but has a strong sense of inner self and will listen to strong guidance, above what he/she will be given by advisors. There is, and always has been, the need for a strong country on Earth to lead the way into an intelligent, peaceful way of life and the United States has been in this position for many years. Your new leaders now need to look to France for a better concept of how to run a country. The new president will need the cooperation of the Governors of the states and work closely with them to provide a secure base for all the needs of a failing infrastructure and ending the corruption that has taken over in so many places. Complete honesty in all ways is the answer to many security problems. Truth will start to make a comeback soon in the halls of justice, as the realization that playing along with the powers that be is not the way to go. The new president will be under scrutiny, not only by the American public, but by spiritual powers that will guide and educate him/her to a degree never before allowed in your plane of existence. Listen carefully to all of the speeches; watch the body language, and when the time comes, vote according to your inner guidance. This is the responsibility of all humanity to carefully choose those who will rule.”


Question: The economic situation in this country is getting really serious, with the value of the dollar dropping, etc. Do you see a real crash in the coming year or failure in our ability to import and export goods in a viable way?

MASTERS: “ The coming months will see stock markets racing up and down as economic barriers are placed upon many countries that threaten the freedom of many nations. Yes, money will be lost, but many new millionaires will be created by taking advantage of the unusual situations. So what else is new? No, we do not see a complete crash in the stock markets or the banks, but lending institutions will be in a continuous bind as home loans hit bottom."

MWM: Listen to this esp. below and use it to your advantage if you can. I am.

MASTERS: "The U.S. dollar will continue to lose value for a few months, then circumstances will cause this situation to reverse, bringing the dollar and the uro to an equal standing. Insurance companies are having a hard time keeping in business as the many natural floods, storms, and quakes are draining their coffers; some will go out of business entirely, which will make it more difficult to insure property in areas of natural liability. Perhaps this will finally make people realize that it is not safe to build on shore lines, especially now as sea levels will continue to rise. As to being concerned that the normal flow of food and the necessities of life might come to an end, this is not a reality. See the entire scope of crops, manufacturing, and trading that goes on in your immense country, and you will see that most of it continues regardless of all of the hype and fear that is being tossed about. If you feel the need to stock up supplies against any possible shortages, do so. You will use them up, perhaps at a cheaper price to be paid now than later. A few banks will go under, but they will not be the big ones. Your money, for the most part, is safe."

MWM: Let this take some pressure off your back........this is pretty good news!!!!

MASTERS: "China will continue to be a problem as it gears up to be a world power. The U.S. is so ensconced in that country by the out-sourcing of manufacturing plants and by borrowing from China to keep the Iraq war afloat, that it will be many years before there is a balance to be made, both in the import/export business and in sharing world power.
There will never be a war with China; they have advanced beyond that and new leadership coming soon will put an end to any such concept.”


Question: Readers report feelings of time speeding up. Is this an actuality in our dimension? If so, why is it happening?

MASTERS: “Time as you know it depends upon the orbit of the Earth around your Sun. As the orbit changes slightly or the curvature of the Earth changes slightly, so will your experience of time. Concurrently, what is being experienced by those who have the sensitivity to recognize it is a sense of time speeding up as one goes about the daily routine and finds things being accomplished in less time. This is happening because of the increased frequencies that are surrounding your world and entering into all atoms of your being. It is not seen that this should result in a major speed-up, so to speak, but simply a different way of being aware of the way you live and learn.”

MWM: I gotta more simple explanation. Its aging. All you people complaining about time speeding up are just getting older...and aging elders have been complaining about the faster disappearance of the years since forever. BLESSINGS AND A VERY WONDERFUL SEASONS HOLY DAYS CELEBRATION!

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