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Subject Depopulation underway by wars, famines, pestilences, earthquakes, and volcanoes
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Original Message Message written by Elijah the Prophet, posted by Scribe

4 December 2007

Depopulation is the main thrust of this New World Order being done all over this whole Earth at this time. The main ones responsible for this thrust are Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger. The N.W.O. Elite are out to rid the Earth of what Kissinger calls useless eaters, all 6+ billion of us, so they alone are left and their appointed slaves. They are making sure that every hour of every day people are dying in great numbers to fulfill their evil plans of depopulation all over the Earth.

We see God's Word being fulfilled in these last days as written in Matthew 24:6-7 for we see and hear of wars all over this Earth and more so rumours of them; and we see and hear of famines and pestilences coming to be; and we see and hear of the abundance of earthquakes all over this earth with more and bigger ones each day; and we see many volcanos errupting, even new ones popping up all over this Earth.

All this is allowed to happen to a rebellious earth full of people not wanting to obey God's Commandments or to keep His holy sanctified and hallowed Lord's Day of Rest on the seventh day as ordained in Genesis 2:1-3. So the Almighty God is allowing evil leaders to lead their nations to be judged, as they have turned away from righteous ways as written in His holy Law, the Ten Commandments.

We read about King Saul who was given to lead a people who wanted a king to allow them to live ungodly ways in rebellion against Almighty God's Commandments. So He allowed them to have a king that was rebellious against Almighty God's Commandments given him so he, King Saul, led them and himself to be judged by Almighty God as written in I Samuel 15:1 to 26.

So because people today in general have forsaken to obey His holy righteous Law, the Ten Commandments, and of keeping His holy seventh Lord's Day of Rest, He has now placed a curse upon this whole Earth according to His Word, Malachi 4:4-6. So be it done,sayeth Elijah the servent prophet of Almighty God.

This New World Order is being allowed to bring judgement upon this rebellious earth now and more so with the arrival of Planet X or Nibiru sent by the Almighty to bring judgement upon this whole earth at His appointed time which has already started by what we see now happening in our solar system of planets. We know that the ice melted upon Pluto as Planet X or Nibiru was near it. Then we find that Uranus and Neptune began to wobble when Planet x or Nibiru was near them. Then we saw both north and south poles of ice upon Mars begin to melt as Planet X came near to pass it and now it is doing the same as it approaches the Earth. We know, too, there will be a polar shift, for it's already happening.

As the earth's core heats up, we're going to see many more earthquakes, even magnitudes of 9, 10, and over on the Richter scale, and many more big eruptions of volcanos all over this Earth. Read Isaiah 24:1 to 23. Then read Matthew 24:7 which is coming to pass, more so now as a sign that the Almighty God's judgement written is even now being fulfilled more so each day.

As written, if it were not for Almighty God's elect chosen and faithful, there would be no one saved as written in His Word, Matthew 24:22-24, Mark 13:20-22 + 27, and Luke 17:20-37. In the time of Noah there were only 8 persons saved because of Noah's righteousness before the Almighty; and out of the time of Lot who lived in cities full of perverts as we see all over this word's nations today, only 3 persons were saved. Such is the time today and moreso in all the governments, being full of sodomite perverts, Luke 17:26-28.

Well, when you read Revelation 12:14 to 17 about the real bride of Christ Jesus as written in Revelation 14:1-12, it speaks about a people who keep His Commandents which He wrote in Exodus 31:18, and which He lived before his early church as their Lord of His sabbath as written in Matthew 5:17-19 and again in John 15;10.

If we're the true church, then we have to do as written in John 14:15, and to be a child of God Almighty, we need to do I John 5:1-3 so as to be able to eat of the Tree of Eternal Life as written in Revelation 22:11-12 + 14. So do Ecclesiastes 12:13-14 this day on to be ready when He calls from above, soon, as written in I Thessalonians 4:16-18.

We do see the new World Order getting nearer to implement their mark of the beast system as written in Revelation 13:16-18, for President Bush has ordered, mostly from China, over 300 million biochip implants with the mark of their beast inside. In addition to this, they have prisons awaiting for anyone who resists, even with thousands of guillotines already been set up for use when they place America under Martial Law. President George Bush has already placed America under the Noahide Law which states if you have Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, then they will behead you as their Noahide Law states.

People, it's time to give your whole heart, soul, mind, and strength to God so that you can be saved by your Lord Jesus Christ soon, or stay and meet your father the devil in rebellion to do so, now.

Every day millions of people die without Jesus Christ from the wars men create and by the poisons they put into the food we eat, and in the air we breathe,and into the medicines they give us, and by the depleted uranium they have placed in the air as dust. These evil New World Order people are out depopulating this Earth more each day. So the only place to be, soon, is with Jesus above with all the real saints which are written in Revelation 7:13-14. Be ready to be gone in a moment of time as written in Romans 8:11, and I Corinthians 15:50-54 as written in Mark 12:25 when two angels will gather you to where He is above.

The rest of this mass of people will go into an evil time when Satan is revealed as the son of perdition or Anti-Christ as written of him in I John 2:18, and he will make himself as liken an angel of light as written in II Corinthians 11:14-15. He is the one written in Revelation 17:8 when the Lord goes down to unlock Him spiritually to come up to be the king as written in Revelation 9:11 and Revelation 13:11. He is the beast as written in Revelation 13:2, Satan giving him his power, and he will take his seat at the E.C. Security Council with his number upon it, 6-6-6, as written in Revelation 13:18.

When Prince Charles of Wales goes down in a giant submarine one day soon with an altar of Satan in it, and comes up, he will be the beast that comes up out of the sea as written in Revelation 13:1-2. When the Queen of England abdicates her throne or is removed, he, Prince Charles of Wales, becomes King. His name then adds up to 18 letters, or 6-6-6. He also fulfills Daniel 11:37, for he converted to become a muslim over here in Cyprus, and he is a bi-sexual person, more so, a homosexual.

Be ready to leave soon off this ungodly Erth.

His Servant Prophet,


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