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Subject Think NOT we're free yet, we still need TPTW to carry our Cross a bit longer, remember, never let a crisis go to waste
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Original Message Despite TPTB was downgraded to TPTW, think NOT we're free yet, we still need TPTW to carry our Cross a bit longer, remember, never let a crisis go to waste


The Thinning of Darkness and Mass Christ Consciousness

You all know this chemical phenomenon: in a clear acid solution, the chemist pours a few drops of a reagent called 'litmus', and the liquid turns red. Then, drop by drop, he adds a basic solution. At first there is no change, but he continues slowly, drop by drop, and all of a sudden the liquid turns blue. What lesson can we draw about the psychic life from this phenomenon? The man who transgresses divine laws does not immediately notice the disintegration that occurs within him. He imagines he can continue with impunity...but one day, with just one more transgression, he collapses inwardly. Obviously, this law holds true for good as well as evil. Someone comes to see me and complains: 'For years I have tried to put my life in order, to do a work on myself, and I can see no result! So what is the point of it?' I am forced to tell him that he does not know how to reason, because the effects of this work are not immediately visible and tangible. He must continue, and one day, inevitably, the transformation will occur. Whether it is for good or for evil, you must not imagine that nothing is happening just because, for a long period of time, you see no results

Thread: The cross is a symbol full of meaning


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