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Subject Dr. Tullio Simoncini: Use of sodium bicarbonate Cures Cancer
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Original Message FAIM has been looking into the ideas of a controversial Italian oncologist, Dr. Tullio Simoncini, who claims that cancer can be cured using sodium bicarbonate. The official theory of cancer states that an initial cell has gone astray because of genetic mutations. This cell multiplies in an aberrant way because this cell is not part of a higher order of unity of the organism where every cell accomplishes a limited but essential coordinated function. Dr. Simoncini says that this is not true. Instead, cancer is the body's reaction to an insidious mycotic (fungal) infection.

Dr. Simoncini claims that cancer cells are the adaptive transformation of normal cells in an attempt to survive and contain the onslaught of an aggressive mycosis. The bombardment of these cells with chemotherapy and radiation makes them weaker, which leads to a losing tug-of-war with the fungus. Metastasis is not the migration of aberrant cells to other parts of the body but the migration of mycotic spores that cause new cancers in a debilitated organism.

The culprit is the common Candida albicans. Dr. Simoncini claims that the different fungi that infect the body are in reality a taxonomic artifice that gives different names to the same fungus depending on where it is located in the body.

Listening to Dr. Simoncini talk is fascinating. Once he compared cancer cells to a man in chains being dragged behind a cart. "You can bet that after 100 kilometers the man will have a pretty wretched look to himself. Well, would we hit him in the head to finish him off? Instead if we unchain him, give him some food, wash him and give him a bed, within a few days he would look pretty normal again." Dr. Simoncini says that so would cancer cells if one took away the stress of the mycosis – they would revert back to being normal cells. He claims that angiogenesis, the growth of new blood vessels, is the body's effort to irrigate the tumor with more immune factors, instead of being the stratagem of the malicious tumor to get more blood to grow.....'

[link to www.faim.org (secure)]

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