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Subject Is Putin Bluffing About Defending Crimea And Donbas? A Major War Between the US And Russia Hangs In The Balance On That Very Question
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Original Message As we watch political theater unfold before our eyes, we are seeing the globalist - who control the European Union(EU), Nato and the US government - finance and encourage Ukraine to go to war against Russia.

On a daily basis huge transport planes are bringing in tons of military equipment for the Ukrainian military. In addition to that, the US has started to activate and transport at least 40,000 US soldiers from America to join the coming battles on the eastern front against Russia. You add that number to the tens of thousands of US troops in Europe along with even more Nato forces, and you can see how this is developing into a major military campaign.

In previous articles I mentioned this building conflict, but events were moving so fast I felt it was necessary to update what is going on. In the last few hours, the order to send in two US warships into the Black Sea was cancelled without explanation. It is my opinion that the captains of those ships and perhaps admirals in the Pentagon -overruled Biden and refused to obey that initial order. We may never know what happened behind the scenes, but it was a very good sign, and helped defuse an explosive situation with Russia that was reaching critical mass.

In addition to that, Biden did reach out to Putin and was proposing a “bilateral” conference in Europe, so they could better “predict” what Russia was doing. Putin agreed to nothing and saw through their deceptive subterfuge, and basically told the Whitehouse team, “you talk, we’ll listen”. The truth is, the US government under the fake leadership of Biden and company, already had spoken, and Russia got the message loud and clear.

As it stands now hundreds of thousands of Russian troops have gathered from all Russian territories and have traveled thousands of miles by rail, with tanks and missiles, to make a stand on their side of the border. The nations can draw their own conclusions what Putin will do next. But one thing is certain, the globalists have purposely created this situation, with the full intention of pushing Nato power closer to Moscow. Once Ukraine takes those eastern territories, nuclear missiles would be a 5 minute flight to Moscow.

This is the reality Putin and the Russians are facing. They feel, and articles written reflect this fact, that if the agreements made with Reagan are not honored, to respect buffer states, that a state of war would exist between the United States and Russia. This would mean that any missile headed towards Russia would be considered a nuclear missile that destroys their nation’s capital, and also the beginning of a full force thermonuclear attack.

The war gamers and war experts in Russia have put all the pieces together and see the actions of the EU, Nato and the US moving directly to a state of war with Russia.

What struck me in the articles, was the conclusion by the Russian war planners. They have already concluded that this showdown in Ukraine was advancing towards war -without any regard to losses, repercussions or retaliation by the US and Nato. In other words, they have already concluded the war is inevitable, and if they fight by the west's rules, they will lose. If they sit back and allow the west and Nato to incrementally take over Ukraine, that regardless of what they do in the way of nuclear response - it would not work, and the US and Nato would win.

In view of that fact the Russian government has notified cities and towns throughout Russia to prepare for the burial of large amounts of war dead. They have already set up nuclear bomb shelters, more than any country in the world, so their people can survive and then come out and start rebuilding and planting crops.

They have also come up with another strategy of a first strike in Ukraine - which is an attack “sooner rather than later” - before the west can adapt to Russia's offensive moves. In addition to that, they concluded that if they are going to lose cities and infrastructure to power outages, then they should go ahead and prepare for that outcome in advance. That way, when the strike happens by the US, the effect will be minimized in Russia. But that same strategy when done by Russia against the US would have such a catastrophic and far-reaching effect on America and Europe, that the damage would be greater on them then on the Russia homeland.

What is also disturbing about this subject, is the fact that the US announced a massive cyber-attack on Russia (declaring war on Russia) days before the situation in Ukraine became a major issue, and Ukraine officially declared war on Russia. This means the gauntlet has ALREADY been thrown down and a full declaration of war from the US and Nato HAS been made. Putin needs no other justification to go to war first. Now it is a matter of pure survival.

It is also obvious that the US war planners have focused on the Russian electrical grid as a target, and have already pushed that button and given the attack the green light. Seeing this strategy by the Russian leadership, has then forced them to go into an "all in for the win" attitude. That is why they have sent in hundreds of thousands of troops towards the war front to stop the entire Nato campaign of marching towards Moscow. Those Russian troops are then committed to invade the ENTIRE nation of Ukraine, not for a measly border skirmish - but to take over the entire nation of Ukraine as an act of defending the Russian homeland.

I was reading articles on these plans and how the experts were not seeing ANY schedules or plans to return those troops and that equipment - it is a one way trip to WAGE WAR for the motherland. It is do or die for them now. This is not a bluff, this is not a scare tactic to make Nato stand down - the war for the nation of Russia begins and ends right there, right now!

Consider the fact that Russia knows if they fight “bomb for bomb”, in increments against the US and Nato, they may indeed destroy the US and Europe, but they will also be destroyed. But if they neutralize the enemy’s tactics and are able to absorb the electrical grid attack, they can in return hit the US and Europe with a grid attack, and end up on top without resorting to a full nuclear exchange. The west would devolve into power outage riots, where the experts conclude that 90% of the population would die of chaos and starvation within a year.
What the globalist war planners have devised and schemed to use against Democratic Christian Russia, will then be used against the infrastructure of the west.

It reminds me of the final plague during the Egyptian bondage of the Israelites. The last curse and plague came from the mouth of the Pharaoh himself, when he ordered the death of all the firstborn of the Israelites. But when it reached the ears of Moses, he knew that it was the Egyptian first born that would be targeted by a mysterious illness. Evil ends up destroying itself by its own evil devices. This seems to be an historical pattern.

I don't know what will happen regarding this showdown in Ukraine. No one has a crystal ball and we can't predict the future. But it is obvious to me that Putin isn't bluffing. He has amassed hundreds of thousands of troops and a massive amount of military equipment for a reason – this is not a Springtime training drill for their national guard. The amount of money involved to relocate all those troops and equipment is enormous, at a time when all nations are financially strapped.

Putin has already concluded he cannot allow Nato to place missiles on the Ukrainian/Russian border, where nuclear missiles would have a flight time of 5 minutes to Moscow. He also knows the Biden regime officially declared war on Russia with a cyber-attack program initiated in the past few weeks. He also knows that the leaders of Ukraine have received the full assurances of backing them up against Russia in a war. In view of these facts, Putin, along with his Generals, and the Russian people believe without any doubt that if they are to survive this globalist attack, they must invade Ukraine and hold the line there before it is too late.

Diplomacy is over between the US and Russia. And when diplomacy is over, is when wars begin. Any gestures by the west to have a bilateral "summit" to discuss things, is only looked at by the Russians as a stalling tactic to get Nato forces in an advantageous position. Putin won't fall for it, and has refused to meet with Biden or Nato. Why? Because he knows what they have planned and has figured out the endgame. As I see it, it is possible that Putin is now determined to swiftly take over Ukraine before they can react. They will then try to employ their power grid attacks on Russia, and it won't have the effect they hoped it would.

That places Putin in a position where he must respond as quickly as possible to the attack made on Russia, including exploding an electro-magnetic(EMP) bomb at high altitude to wipe out the electrical grid in specific zones of the US and Europe. The result would be pandemonium breaking out instantly across our nation. That would make the 2020 riots and fires on US cities look like a back yard cookout in comparison.

Putin isn't bluffing. The globalists are going to lose - the question is, will they take the world down with them as a final act of revenge? George Eaton
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