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Subject How To Repair Your Body (And DNA) With Fasting
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Original Message As I write this sentence, I’m coming up on the 14-hour mark of my daily fast. I’m somewhat hungry, but not uncomfortably so. And my mind is fully alert. As alert as it’s going to get, anyway.

That’s a good thing, because I’m about to explain the whys and hows of fasting in a way that, fingers crossed, actually makes sense.

I’ll start with the benefits, and there are plenty of them. Then, once you’re feeling good about fasting, I’ll get into the science behind how it works. Autophagy and AMP-activated protein kinase are not only cool processes activated by fasting, but they’re also fun terms to drop in mixed company.

Finally I’ll explain how ridiculously easy it is to incorporate fasting into your life. Then you can go forth and reap the benefits.

Sound good? Cool.

Why Should You Fast?

The human body is an intricate machine honed over millions of years of hominid evolution. But unlike most machines in this age of technology, our beautiful bag of skin can actually repair itself. That is, if we know what levers to pull.

One of those levers is fasting. Fasting activates a number of processes that make us stronger, faster, harder to kill, perhaps even better looking. I’ll get to these processes in a moment, but as promised, here’s a list of scientifically-validated benefits from fasting:

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