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Subject Satellite Photos Shocked Ukraine, Bad news in Kiev from the NSA - Large Russian landing rehearsal in Odessa-Mariupol
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Original Message My comment: It was obvious in the last 24 hours that the overwhelming Russian forces could easily invade Ukraine and take and hold any ground they set foot on. The Ukrainian military reviewed the satellite photos and concluded that Russia was in a dominant military position. It was after that assessment that the Ukraine president made an unprecedented appeal to Putin to meet and "end the war".

It was also obvious that not only would they refrain from going into Donbas offensively, but they would respect the two breakaway provinces territory and let them join with Russia. The major sticking point that needs to be solved is the water flow from a major river that used to feed Crimea. It is obvious Putin will demand that the conditions for the continued free flow of water would resume into Crimea from this time forward.

I saw this situation starting to change about a day ago, and wrote to friends about the distinct possibility of Ukraine deciding to back down and discontinue their offensive against eastern Ukraine and Crimea. Russia never declared war on Ukraine, they simply started building up forces expecting the invasion to happen at any time. But it is obvious that after the president of Ukraine and the military reviewed the situation that a major war would end up destroying Ukraine, Donbas and Crimea and have the distinct possibility of upstaging into a nuclear war. It is also possible that President Zelensky questioned whether the EU and NATO would truly have his back and defend his aggressive military moves - that they were "encouraging" him to make. We may never know all the drama going on behind the scenes in this showdown, but for now, it appears that the situation is moving towards being defused. The next few days are critical. George Eaton

The Ukrainian Army is in a state of war: Bad news in Kiev from the NSA - Large Russian landing rehearsal in Odessa-Mariupol
Satellite photos shocked Kiev

by Vassilis Kapoulas (translated from Greek)

"The political and military situation in the southwestern direction remains difficult. This is due to the efforts of a number of foreign states that are increasing their military presence on Russia's southern and western borders. "NATO continues to challenge and Kiev destabilizes Donbass."

In his speech, the Russian Minister of Defense "canceled" the previous order he had given and stated that "the Russian forces will withdraw after a readiness check that will last two weeks".

Two weeks have passed and the Russian forces have not left and neither will they.

From now on, developments are running at a dramatic pace.

The Ukrainian Army is in a state of war
The Ukrainian Army and Ukrainian secret services and security services have been put on red alert.

The state of war concerns all Ukrainian EDs from Kiev and the border with Crimea to Donetsk and Lugansk.

The satellite photos taken as well as the general rehearsal of the Russian amphibious forces mobilized Kiev even at the last moment.

At the same time, information is confirmed that 50 Russian attack aircraft have been relocated to Crimea from the Southern Military District.

Rehearsal for landing by the Russian amphibious forces
According to information from WarNews247, the Russian amphibious forces are proceeding with a normal landing attempt against targets that resemble Odessa and Mariupol.

To this end, 20 Russian ships have been mobilized, including the frigates Admiral Makarov and Essen frigates, the corvettes Graivoron and Vyshny Volochyok, anti-submarine ships.

The exercises are attended by 3 Squadrons of Su-25SM3 attack aircraft and the 810th Marine Brigade.

See maps with Russian bases and mobilized forces. All are located on the Russian-Ukrainian border.

Shock satellite photos from the gathering of Russian forces
As of today, Russia has closed airspace and access to Crimea, as revealed by WarNews247.

Satellite images of a foreign country show a huge concentration of forces along the Russian-Ukrainian border and new bases "mushrooming" everywhere.

It is characteristic that another base was located 30 km from the village located on the coast of Crimea.

In addition, the satellites "saw" a new relocation of Su-30 fighters and paratroopers. This is probably the 76th Airborne Division.

The Black Sea and the Sea of Azon are now considered "dead zones" for civilian aircraft and foreign warships. The airspace is closed until the 24th of the month.

Protivnik GE and Resonance NE radars were detected in Crimea. These are new advanced Russian 3D radars capable of detecting 500 targets simultaneously at a distance of 350 km

Businesses are very close…

Much more at source:
[link to warnews247.gr (secure)]
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