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Subject Luciferase, Iron Oxide and Magnetism—ALL LINKED
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Original Message It’s slowly coming together......check it out, it’s like a 5 min read....have to skim the scientific Mumbo- jumbo though.

Your “QR” phone code will be just the beginning.

As we suspected, looks like the real goal is to inject this shat into you with the “vax” that will imprint on cells and glow under “magnetic techniques”.

What is the true purpose though? Simply tracking and controlling you—-or is there deeper fuckery?

But Oh goodie! This is “safer” than QD (quantum dot) technology that contains cadmium.

[link to www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov (secure)]


These preliminary data indicate that luciferase-magnetic nanoparticle composites can potentially be used for spermatozoa (male sperm) detection and imaging.

Their magnetic properties add additional functionality to allow for manipulation, sorting, or tracking of cells using magnetic techniques.”

“Keywords: Spermatozoa, Bioluminescence Imaging, Magnetic nanoparticles, Nanocomposites, Reproduction, Core–shell nanoparticles, Luciferase”

“Bioluminescence imaging and UV–visible-NIR microscopy results showed light emission from sperm samples incubated with the firefly luciferase-modified nanoparticles. Therefore, these newly synthesized luciferase-modified magnetic nanoparticles show promise as substitutes for QD labeling, and can potentially also be used for in vivo manipulation and tracking, as well as MRI techniques.”

Why are magnets sticking to the arms of the vaccinated?

Because you just got injected with some fkn iron oxide that is FDA approved baby.

Less than fiddy percent
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