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Subject we need far bigger/stronger pandemic than corona, we need real virus Apocalypse
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Original Message i am not against corona
actually, i still support corona a Little, because at-least it upset the normality of the world of my enemies, and that give me little hope
i am just wishing for real strong virus Apocalypse not silly, weak and slow super flue virus that some people doubt if it is even real
i need far bigger/stronger pandemic than corona, i need real virus Apocalypse that kill all people in this religious/liberal world -or at-least in Egypt- except me and people who really like me

at-least in Egypt, corona now look like as if it maybe made things worse, or at-least it look like it is useless
actually, i now began to think that corona is made by my enemies and that it is hunting only for people like me

in 2013/2014 my enemies was weak, therefore they began a war against me and against my mentality, so they can control everyone and everything in the world/reality, and so they punish me for opposing Islam/the Muslim brotherhood and to punish me for the crimes/harm that they and the Egyptians has done to me, using their "Judge not, that ye be not judged" law, the war was at first in the social media then everywhere

in 2015/2016/2017/2018 they controlled everyone and everything in reality and they become extremely powerful, agitated and active against me
their conspiracies, campaigns, traps, deception, psychological attacks, noises and taunting messages was like every hour all the time
but when they took away my land in 2015, impassioned my brother in 2016, killed my father in 2017, and scammed me for my inheritance in 2018
they started to be drugged and drunken by theirs victory over me, they started to go to sleep and leave me alone alitle in 2019

in 2019 the influence of the entity that lead them was weakened and my influence was strengthened
actually, in 20019 i started to become stronger than them and to punish them
because i was already learned/experienced about the repetitive methods they use to harm/attack me so i can evade or endure it
and i began to learn about how to use my magic to harm/punish them, instead of trying to harm them with fighting them verbally or physically, as they wanted me to do so they can use my verbal/physical anger/assaults to destroy me

for a decade now i was waiting for a virus Apocalypse that kill my enemies and the rest of humans who befriend them or who agreed to peacefully coexist with them as parts of their system while ignoring me and leaving me to rot alone in their hell

but then in 2020 corona happened
at first it look like Islamic methods to kill only the atheist of china as punishment for torturing Muslims, therefore i used my magic and prayed to the gods to make corona leave china and attack the rest of the world, especially Egypt and the Islamic countries
then corona left china, but it attacked -the most- countries that i do not hate much, like USA and India and it nearly did not harm Egypt and the Islamic countries
then corona started to look like the virus Apocalypse that i was waiting for,
or at-least it's curfew/lockdown looked like it is spreading my vibes, weaken the influence of my enemies and punishing them a Little
therefore i liked corona and i believed it is maybe a hope for me

then my uncle who collect the 30 dollar monthly rent that i live by and/or the people who pay me the rent, has threatened me to to stop giving me the rent because of the corona curfew/lockdown, i had to weaken the virus and the curfew/lockdown in Egypt because this rent is my only money income and i simply can not live even one month without it for any reason

but now - or atleast just in Egypt- the weak curfew/lockdown measures do not spread my vibes, my mentality and my way of life in the world/reality like how the strong/harsh curfew/lockdown measures used to do in 2020
and corona now -atleast just in Egypt- started to look like as if it only kill my people, the people that i like, or people against feminism and the Muslim brotherhood like me, or people who are yin(earth/water) zodiac signs like me

the Muslim brotherhood and their man/mole/Trojan-horse al-sisi, seem to be happy with corona virus, they call corona viruses "the soldiers of Allah", hinting that corona is made by Allah to kill the enemies of Islam in the world

and now my enemies is recovering from the corona hit, they started to become strong and agitated/active against me again
their influence and/or the influence of the entity that lead them, over reality/people are now becoming stronger than ever
their conspiracies, campaigns, deception, traps, psychological attacks, noises and taunting messages that they do to harm me are now back again
it seem like as if corona harmed them only to awaken them again

my enemies said things, that what i understand from it is that they will stop corona -after corona cleanse the world from all ill people and people against Allah- they will start fighting mental illness and cleanse mentally-ill people from the world, and by "mental-illness" they usually mean me
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