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Subject Conspiracy Is Shockingly Large And The Arrogant Wealthy Ones That Are Involved Dont Want You To Know It All Surrounds Their Lie Of Nuclear Weapon
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Original Message We Are That We Are

As Heavenly Law

Total Meltdown Of System

The Witness Of Humanity

May The Lord Cast Out
Your Demons

First Things First

Everyone Is Born As A
Fresh Slate Those Around
You Tell You To Hand The
Chalk To Either God Or
Satan And Its Up To You
To Make The Right Choice

And All The Knowledges
Wisdoms And
Understandings Became
Known To All And The
Unification Of All
Centerpoints Was
Established And The All
Became One In Joy And

Those Souls Well
Practiced In Bravery
Sometimes Need To Master
Harmony Those Souls
Well Practiced In Harmony
Sometimes Need To Master

For God So Loved The
World That He Gave His
Only Begotten Son That He
That Should Believe In
Him Shall Not Perish But
Have Everlasting Life In
The Lord Jesus

For As The Rain Comes
Down And The Snow From
Heaven And Returns Not
But Waters The Earth And
Makes It Bring Forth And
Bud That It May Give Seed
To The Sower And Bread To
The Eater

Exhale Blessed Hope Holy
Bloodline The Exorcist
Purified Gematria Do Not
Worry About Anything The
Victims Will Testify Of
The Wicked And It Will Be
Confirmed In The Book

Instruct Those Who Are
Rich In The Present
System Of Things Not To
Be Arrogant And To Place
Their Hope Not On
Uncertain Riches But On
God Who Richly Provides
Us With All The Things We

I Am A Mother And A Human
Bieng How Dare You Do And
Say The Awful Things You
Have About Me It Truly Is
Unforgivable But Somehow
I Still Dont Hate You I
Have Only Ever Wanted To
Share Truth Knowledge A

The War For Our Souls The
Love Of God Talking To My
Higher Self All That They
Are Really Doing Is
Making My Experience On
Earth Really
Uncomfortable All Brain
Intruders Are Lawless And
Their Souls Are

And He Answered You Shall
Love The Lord Your God
With All Your Heart And
With All Your Soul And
With All Your Strength
And With All Your Mind
And Your Neighbor As

For He Received From God
The Father Honor And
Glory When Words Such As
These Were Conveyed To
Him By The Magnificent
Glory This Is My Son My
Beloved Whom I Myself
Have Approved

A Tongue Of White Light
Rimmed In Fiery Yellow
Orange Shaped Like A Tear
Drop With The Top Torn
Off Crowned In Deep
Purple And Red Flame The
Shape Of My Thought
Embodied As I Travel

To Everyone Who Tried To
Destroy Me I Am Sorry You
Were Led Astray And I
Hope To One Day Introduce
You To My Master And
Savior Jesus Christ I
Forgive You All

For Every One Who Shall
Not Confess That Jesus
Christ Is Come In The
Flesh Is Antichrist And
Whosoever Shall Not
Confess The Testimony Of
The Cross Is Of The Devil

Communicating Through
Gematria Feels Safer
Because It Creates More
Distance Between Us I
Intend This To Be The
Only Means Of
Communication Soon There
Will Be No Communication

People Can Not See Much
Faith In General But
People Can See Hard
Evidence Of Gematria
Results And Realize They
Can Increase Their Good
Faith In God Rise And Be
Each Healed May He Always
Be With You By

Actually The Conspiracy
Is Shockingly Large And
The Arrogant Wealthy Ones
That Are Involved Dont
Want You To Know It All
Surrounds Their Lie Of
Nuclear Weapons
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