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Subject look how RT news or the Algerian armed forces is attacking me
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Original Message the Egyptian media site "Russia today Arabic" is attacking me again
this time it is calling me:
[a scorpion who stings others and do the unjust evil/crimes/harm to the people/country
by terrorizing/scaring them
and by opposing the system and supporting the enemies of the system/country, like gays/Israelis/Satan
and who beg the people for money and beg the westerners for help, only because he have no honor
and who want to rule the country by any mean to replace our laws with his laws and to replace our democracy with his elitism
then he complain about being a victim of injustice and oppression]

this hilarious dump blame-shifting bullshit is exactly like what my enemies in Egypt -and outside it- keep saying about me
they blame-shift then accuse me with being the one who blame blame-shift, this really some complex deception
they are dump and/or deceptive enough to not care asking themselves: how come the strong/rich/majority are the scared victim of the weak/poor/minority? aren't it suppose to be the other way around?

i am not sure about the identity of these enemies, maybe they are the masons/liberals/Muslim-brotherhood/air signs 1dunno1

1-i am maybe dominated by Scorpio, but i am mostly not a scorpion, i just fantasized about that sometime, some astrology/quizzes sites say that i am hare, deer, sea-serpent or maybe a tiger, i always considered myself a sea serpent since more than decade and some people call me deer
and even if was scorpion, scorpions is not an evil predators like them, it only feed on insects that do not feel pain, it only sting the ones who threaten it or who want to step on it

2-i do not support gays or Israelis or Satan, except -maybe- if they seriously helped me first, and that did not happen, i am maybe against homosexuality but i am not a real Muslim or Egyptian to see anything wrong in supporting Israelis or Satan if they seriously helped me

3-opposing their system and seeking the help of westerners or supporting their enemies or the enemies of the country that unjustly wasted most of my life in hell and made me poor enough to beg my enemies for money is not a crime, it is my duty as their opposing enemies and as their victim

4-accepting help/money from some of my old male family members is not begging, and if i had to beg them for money in rare occasions to fix something important in my apartment or to pay important bills, this did not happen because "i do not have honor" it is because "they took away my honor" and forced me to lose it when they stole my money, land and my legal papers then prevented me from having a suitable job and made poor in desperate need for money to live
and asking my allies, my people or the good people in the west to help me against the system of Egypt is not a real crime, they did not say that this is a crime when i Sought the help of westerners to remove the Muslim brotherhood from ruling Egypt

5-i did not unjustly terrorized or scared anyone
i did not threaten anyone in my life except some members of my cursed evil family when they become listed to the Muslim brotherhood, become religious-liberals like al-sisi and then cuckolded me and treated me like shit or like dangerous mentally-ill and provoked me to be angry
if they saw me angry from what they are doing to me with their religion/feminism/humiliation/laws/false accusations, or saw me walking normally and felt scared/terrorized, then this phobic fear is their crime not mine
if they have armies/police while i am alone -and they even call me weak- then how can they also call me scary/terrorist?
and who are the one who are supposed to be scared from who here? the clueless poor weak lonely man or the rich millions that have armies/police?

they are calling me the one who harm them
what are this harm? that they are scared from me?!!
this mean that if they humiliated/scared me by treating me as scary monster or dangerous mentally-ill not as normal human, to them this mean that i am the criminal her not them and they are the victim not me !! lol

these self deceptive bullshiters are using a positive, reversed logic that ignore details, twist/ignore facts, exaggerate a lot and enable them see and judge people as they want them to be, not as they actually are, it enable them to see the criminal as victim and the victim as criminal

to attack me, the site used news report about the Algerian Armed Forces criticizing their opposition that they call "Islamic terrorism/extremism"
if this report is true, then it seem that the Algerian Armed Forces is ruled by air/fire element/cult/sect who are totally against me/Scorpio

it seem that they want to force an anti-water air/fire system in Algeria that is a mix of military dictatorship, a type of theocracy that is worse than the terrorist's theocracy, extreme/radical liberalism(feminism/capitalism) then cover it with some limited, rigged democracy(the rule of the lowly commoners sheep) that can not allow anyone who are not like them to rule
they are using what they call "the Islamic terrorism/extremism" as excuse to fight me and fight against the people who are like me
of course these "Islamic terrorists" groups that they are using them to to portray themselves as "heroes of freedom" and to fight me, are actually fake opposition that is controlled by them, that think like them and that never rally harm them

they are identifying what they call "the Islamic terrorism/extremism" not as "people who force Islam or Islamic-liberal morals/mentality/way of life on others by laws/force" like them, but as:
1-conservatives/chauvinists who do not tolerate feminism
2-water signs like me, especially Scorpio, the leader of the armies of water
3-any people who are radically different than them, who oppose them and want to rule instead of them
4-gays, satanists, atheists and anyone who criticize religion
5-people who support their enemies or seek the help of their enemies, like the west, gays, Satan, Lucifer and Israel
6-people who believe in under-age marriage
7-men who conceive/see females as sexy and look at them or try to flirt with them or what they call "the sexual-harassers"
8-people whom thy consider "scary"
9-poor people who are victims of their system/society/rule and who was persecuted until they are forced to lose their honor and to beg for money

all this is just like what al-sisi and the Egyptian system say and do
it is the same system that keep copying itself everywhere using the same methods/excuses
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