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Subject Watch As Fascist Police In Canada Try To Fine People On Beach For Having Too Many In Group, Get Embarassed When They Learn They Are Clueless On
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Original Message This is how far Canada has devolved.

Watch as these grumpy little cops with nothing better to do harass this group of beachgoers in Ottowa.

The cops claim someone called them because the group was more than 10, which they claim is part of the COVID restriction still in place.

The group makes the counter-claim the cops are only there to strongarm them because they had END ALL LOCKDOWNS signs around their area.

The smaller little brownshirt gets annoyed with the group and demands a couple of them go to their patrol cars to get ticketed since they refused to go home.

This is where one of the beachgoers Googles the law and discovers that as of June 29th, they are allowed up to 25 people in a group.

Watch as the mini-cop squirms when he finds out he himself is clueless on what the law is and that he will have to put his little fine pad back in the glovebox.

[link to vidmax.com (secure)]
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