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Subject How do Tunisian citizens think about the covid dictatorship/ scamdemic?
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Original Message Msm says that Tunisia has the most covid deaths of North Africa. And especially in the area of Kairouen in the central part of the country. I know people living there and asked them but they are brainwashed as they aren't aware of the bad circomstances there, caused by the measurements.

And they have taken the vaccine, despite me warning them not to take it! They have taken the sputnik vaccine.
I have known about Tunisians rising up last year because they are fed up with the restrictions and because of poverty.

Are Tunisians still rising up today? I read that their president has signed the great reset and was present at Davos in 2020. There are several parts of the country going in lockdown again and as well the curfew. I remember that Lombardia in Italy is apparently a very polluted area.

Msm said that the people so called died of covid. But they were patients dying because of pollution. So I wonder if it isn't the same for Tunisia, in combination of the heat there. Plus inflating the numbers do I think.

I have been several times to Tunisia and I experienced times that I had the feeling suffering a lack of oxygen.
I am doing some research to provide links for the air quality of Tunisia and the area of Kairouen. Despite of Tunisia apparently being a part of the great reset, there is a shortage of "vaccines".

Which is the advantage of being a developing country. I have been thinking if things become bad here in Belgium, and shit is going to hit the fan as they might push the "vaccine", if it would be a good idea to consider to move to Tunisia?

I have always dreamt about living off grid and to live as a nomad in the sahara to escape all the covid crap and depopulation program...
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