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Subject Sunspot AR2844, the one that launched the massive CME 2 days ago, emerging over the sun's southern hemisphere.
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Original Message 43 degrees south of the equator, it is a rare place for a sunspot to be. Luckily, if it does blow another CME while visible, there is a chance that the worst of it's ejection will miss us while it's x-ray emissions will still hit us squarely.

Quoting spaceweather.com: "Sunspots are a mostly-equatorial phenomenon. According to the Solar-Terrestrial Center of Excellence, 95% of sunspots in the historical record have latitudes less than 30 degrees, and nearly three quarters were crowded within 20 degrees of the sun's equator."

The following is a link to the movie showing the massive CME leaving the sun from the same angle as the emerging AR2844 sunspot:

[link to www.solarham.net (secure)]

This links to a diagram of the current emerging sunspot AR2844:

[link to www.solarham.net (secure)]

The CME that was released 2 days ago could potentially be enough to devastate our electrical grid for years.

Have a nice weekend!
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