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Subject Biggest mistake Trump made (video)
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Original Message [link to youtu.be (secure)]

I am and have been a Trump supporter. But he isn't and wasn't perfect.

This video is not a leftist "bash trump" circle jerk. It gives a great overview of the history of china, context of the geopolitical issues of china in today's world and how we got here.

He has a number of other videos that delve into history of things we (as Americans) don't pay much attention to (like turkey and how they got to be where they are now, the Pakistan/India conflict, etc).

Basically (for those who don't want to watch an hour video) when trump removed the US from the TPP and then placed high tariffs on Chinese goods it opened up many markets to china and (paradoxically in some ways) strengthened china's position in the world, possibly to unseat the US as the lead global "super power".

I can't directly argue with the stated argument, because those actions do (and have) had repurcussions beneficial to china. For example, it directly led to china forging new economic alliances with Vietnam (who was a long time anti Chinese/US economic ally in SE Asia). So china could manufacture cell phones to 90 percent complete, send them to Vietnam for completion, then send them to the US avoiding the tarriffs because it didn't come "from china".

Where I will disagree with pinning it on Trump: the US businesses and politicians have been selling out to china for decades. Long before trump came on the scene. As have the EU, UK and many nations around the world. Trump didn't sign the TPP that severely disadvantaged the US in trade with china. Trump isn't the one allowing the CCP to decide what gets cut from Hollywood scripts, because they all suck at the test of Chinese money.

There is much more than "orangeman did a thing that turned out bad".

It is also relevant to ask "what would Hillary have done?". We don't know, but I doubt it would have been any better, and probably would be more aligned with what Biden is doing now.

Basically, china spent a long time building up and figuring out how to beat the US. Seems they came up with the answer and found the weakness of our capitalist based free society.

Buy it out from within. Capitalism has one primary ideology. Money=good.

China couldn't beat us militarily, they couldn't out spend us (like the USSR tried), and they couldn't appeal to the world that we are the "evil" ones.

But they could buy parts of the US. Buy influence in our government and others around the world. They could loan money to countries that we wouldn't, and then when those countries couldn't pay it back, get other concessions (like deep water ports, airports, military bases) in other countries.

Seems that we are proper fucked. Trump tried, but it was too late. Too many back room deals already done. Too many CCP spies in our capitol. Too many Bidens and McConnell's.
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