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Subject Advice needed on how to help my itching cat
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Original Message Sorry for the length of this post, thanks for any one who read it

My poor cat has been itching herself for a few months. I took her to the veterinarian and they first had me try a topical flee treatment which was a fail due to the fact she doesn’t have fleas.

Next was the prednisone pill pop and pray she swallows, not spits.
After a few spitouts I tried the prednisone compound meatball chew. I crumbled that into her wet food. She rarely eats past meal midpoint so never gets the full dose.

So now I’m thinking about bathing her. But it would take an army to bathe this cat. She doesn’t like to be held very long in the best of circumstances so trying to bathe her would be the beginning of WWIII.

Normally I wouldn’t be considering bathing her but what else is there? Vet wanted to try topical flea treatment even though I told them she doesn’t go outside, doesn’t have fleas, I’ve not seen a single flea or other critter on her or evidence. Anyway the flea treatment didn’t work just like I knew it wouldn’t so now my choice is prednisone tablets or chews, injections or some type of natural remedy.

I don’t want to do the prednisone anymore or injections unless it’s last resort. I tried giving her a 1/2 teaspoon of fish oil on her food well she turned her nose at it. She is extremely finicky.

I’ve since purchased a scented dry shampoo with colloidal oatmeal and other natural ingredients. I’m going to attempt to put it on my hands and try to rub it in to her skin. It says to “spray liberally onto fur.” ha.hAHaHHAAHHAAHAAA tyrone1cruise

I’m so upset seeing her itching. It’s not a serious case as there are no bald spots but it’s enough that it’s bothering her I’m sure.

I don’t want to keep giving her prednisone just because, drugs and unwanted side effects.


30 minutes later: welp that went pretty much like like I thought. (the dry shampoo rub plan)

She took immediate notice of the strange new petting methods I was attempting and she was “NOT TODAY” halfway down the stairs instantly.

Well I am becoming stressed out. I want to help her so much. But I don’t want to force pills down her throat or injections

a) she will hate it and possibly become wary of me

b) side effects

I don’t want to forcibly restrain her to bathe her

a) she will hate it and possibly become wary of me

But I want to stop her itching. I don’t know what to do. I love her so much. Does anyone have any suggestions or opinions?

Some more info: she never used to itch, she’s fed a high quality grain free diet; wet and dry, no change in diet, healthy weight, is played with, overall a healthy, energetic kitty with mysterious itching.

Should I just let her itch vs forcing pills? Ugh

Also does anyone make homemade cat food? What and how I’d be interested in knowing? Thanks in advance!

Thanks for any helpful, thoughtful comments. She’s a sweet, loving wonderful cat who just doesn’t like to be held very long and difficult with medical stuff before any stupid “get rid of her” comments happen.
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