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Subject I know how to escape the matrix, and it’s not complicated.
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Original Message I know that sounds like a bold claim, but its true. I baited you with the 'I know', but my intentions are mostly honourable.

If we are trapped in the matrix in order to provide loosh to the archons. Then how do we stop providing loosh/fear energy. Well, we only fear that which is real. When you watch a ‘scary’ movie, do you fear for your life. Yes, you suspend disbelief, but mostly you remain aware that you are still seated safely watching a movie.

Well, all this talk, obsession, endless analysis about the issues we all discuss, indicates that we are taking the ‘show’ seriously. Let alone anger or fear, even frustration, annoyance, indignation, are all energy disturbances which produce loosh.

We need a silent undisturbed mind to escape the matrix. Inner silence is the door out, and this is only possible when we recognize clearly that our minds, senses and all physical and ‘spiritual’ planes are not reality.

Whenever we are disturbed/upset by anything, consider those ‘things’ as easter eggs, they are clues to what is still trapping us. If we draw the sword of our minds against anything we are trapped.

With even a little inner silence, we can begin to sense when we are leaking energy.

Be careful on this website, our egos can feast freely on arguments and opinions, but we will be not freed through this.

Instead with a playful attitude, (it is a game after all) use everything in your experience, right now, online, off line, all the time, to to discover your Easter eggs. When you discover an Easter egg (those things that you mistake for real which disturb you), you are one step closer to escaping.

It is easy to be silent, it is the nature of the ‘god-like’ self, who operates with powers beyond the mind.

What is stopping you from recognising you are a god-like being?
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