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Subject La Palma - Mega DREAM Thread, with 3rd New Dream revealed.
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Original Message Since no one likes Dreams clogging up the EQ watching in the main La Palma thread here: Thread: Cumbre Vieja volcano post eruption phase! Time to say goodbye for volcano-thank you for all support :)

Here be the dedicated Mega DREAM thread, because there is a live conbegnce of signs all over and the dream world is no different, it's big. Really big.

1) 2017 warning dream:

Thread: This is an eerily predictive dream I had in 2017. MASSIVE wave in Atlantic, Island Collapse, powerful hurricane, triggers shtf scenario.

2) Garden Jesus Dream

Also here is a dream posted on the 15th of this month, September, I call this Garden Jesus Dream and I have interpreted it as relating to the La Plan Volcano. I will also note people have likened La Palma to a beautiful place, a garden no less, very green. I didn't not mention that point in my earlier decode. Garden = La Palma, Jesus = Volcano.

Thread: I had a dream last night about Jesus, he was growing in my garden

3) Cloud Jesus Dream

This is new to GLP. This is my own dream.

On the same day as the OP who posted the garden Jesus dream.

I too awoke to a dream that contained Jesus, it depicted Jesus in the clouds as made of clouds, from about shoulder neck and head up (think Mt. Rushmore but made of clouds), waving down at everyone in a very clean and clear sunlit blue sky - that is the primary imagery and take away of the dream, there are more details but for the sake of brevity I will keep it simple, and possibly introduce more detail when I have time or if needed.

When I read the Garden Jesus dream later that same day, I knew immediately the dream depicted the submerged volcano using Jesus head and my dream depicted most probably the cloud plume as Jesus revealed - these two dreams where perfectly connected.

It is also a testament to the power at work here too, vast and mysterious.

So why Jesus?

Jesus represents a lot of things and already one poster has suggested this is simple and it is the return of Jesus, and that is a perfectly fitting take away. Nothing invalid with that view, but it may not be pertinent to the immediate event in La Palm as the two dreams work together ot clearly portray, which may be one of many to such an eventual outcome of Jesus return (there was some suggestion of that in my dream).

On a symbolic level here Jesus is a clear representation of the almighty Power of God, as a half seen head (submerged volcano, most of the almighty power is underneath where the quakes are and as that power get closer we see it erupt, but perfectly depict the power play being tracked, a hidden unknown massive power), then when the power recalls itself, it will manifest as giant clouds in the sky for all to see, represent the almighty power for all the world to see.

Thus the waving to me is like when a star or royal is waving to the crowd, but this power is high up in the sunlit clue sky and nothing can touch it, we are like children looking at a giant Parade float going by, enthralled and in awe as children are at such events. It is also a great big friendly hello and is what the Garden Jesus dreamer was waiting for, Jesus' head to pop up.

Very simply put, that wold indicatethere will be at least a spectacular eruption for all the world to behold and now the information is leading to the same conclusion the last 24 hours, but the dream world made it clear 4 days ago.

- - - -

I am a seasoned dreamer and I will be completely honest. Jesus making an appearance in a dream is totally new for me. Very powerful and it also felt very positive too. To find out someone had posted a Jesus dream on the same day, what are the odds? Rather huge. Astronomical surely!

In summary:

We are watching the Power of the Almighty - A God Production in the making and will shall witness it and the world will be humbled methinks.


2018 Thread

Thread: God's judgement is coming to Florida, dream of MEGA TSUNAMI 2018

LATEST - 2012 Vision from the Lord.

A 2013 GLP thread that only ever had one post:

I had a very graphic dream about a horrible earthquake and a volcano eruption . It was very graphic and vivid. I thought I wasn't dreaming until I woke up. It was crazy.
 Quoting: Craze 1694611

DIrect link: Thread: Dream about a volcano eruption and a mega quake

- - - - -

2010 Thread of note: Thread: Mega wave dream

- - - - -

New Dream of my own posted 9th May, 2022 - Thread: La Palma - Mega DREAM Thread, with 3rd New Dream revealed. (Page 11)
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