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Subject Curing my cat of a FLUTD (UTI urinary tract infection)
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Original Message I first noticed my cat using the literbox on a frequent basis about a month ago. I took her to a vet about 3 days after that and the vet gave an antibiotic shot and said that usually gets it fixed. Problem remained 4 days later so I bought a 14 day regime of antibiotic pills. Cat seemed to eat the pill parts with little resistance. Problem returned 5 days later with a similar intensity as before. Vet said the next thing he can do is take her overnight to get ultrasound scanned for kidney stones and treated for them with an IV and a catheter. The starting price is $400. I didn't want to spend that much money and subject my cat to a procedure that might not even work leaving me with a lot less money and a dead friend.

I did a couple days of research and some local shopping when I found some answers. I figure she was getting reinfected with her litter box so I provided a new one and fresh litter. I tried a new liter called pine which is made of hammer mill pressed pine sawdust. Never seen such a quick disgust reaction from the cat. Had my hopes up but the next morning I tossed it and put regular clumping liter in it. At the same time I replaced her water with distilled over my tap as my tap water has a ph of 8.5 right out of the faucet.

I wanted to try a cranberry extract medicine for the cat as it is purported to be safe and I got over a UTI once with cranberry juice. I was fortunate enough to find cranberry extract chews for cats at my local Meijer for a reasonable cost. My liked the smell and taste but would not chew it up and eat it. I tried breaking it up in pieces and shoving it down her snout like I had to do with the antibiotics. But that failed. So I took a couple of the chews and crushed them with a meat tenderizer and mixed with some new dry food that is marketed for urinary tract maintenance. I noticed that the wet cat food isle was nearly completely empty at both Kroger and Meijer.

So it was:

that finally broke the FLUTD

The cure cost $35

I paid $121 in vet fees. I cannot be sure my success will last or if it is endangering my cat in anyway. So do your own research. But I think there is hope for cat UTIs that are financially out of reach for cat owners like myself.

I'll be back here to update if FLUTD returns to my cat or she dies from her new food and distilled water.
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