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Subject Future Foreknowledge In Star Trek (1967) That William Shatner Would Go Into Space in 2021 & Amazon Connection!
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Original Message Clues from the classic Star Trek (1967) TV series that may show actor William Shatner (Captain Kirk) would go into space in real life.

The continuity of the episodes at the end of the 2nd season of Star Trek, leading into the 3rd season may show a connection between William Shatner going into space in 2021 & the connection to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos (via the space company Blue Origin). The final episode of season 2 of the original season of Star Trek was Assignment Earth, this showed the Enterprise traveling back to 1968 on the scene of a NASA rocket launch on Earth. The first episode of the 3rd season is Spock's Brain which featured a society run by militant women. This could be a reference to the Amazon warrior women of Greek legend and a possible hint to Blue Origin founder, Jeff Bezos and his company Amazon.

A Piece Of The Action shows an alien planet where an old book about Chicago Mobs of the 1920's is adopted and forms the basis of the societal workings. A card game in this episode could hint at the year 2021 for Shatner's space trip. Kirk and Spock adopt the persona of the mobsters and cut a deal with them to escape. At one point in the episode, Kirk attempts to drive a car from the period. He makes the comment "I'll have to get one of those myself". I think the way the story shows the concept of adaptation could hint at the scifi starship captain going into space in real life. Part 4

There are several Trek stories where Captain Kirk actually wore a space suit and ventured outside the Enterprise. I give an example from The Tholian Web. Wink Of An Eye features aliens who are out of phase and move faster than the Enterprise crew. A bee like buzzing sound can be heard when the aliens are near. This could be a idiom based reference to the last name of Jeff Bezos, the founder of Blue Origin.

There are several Trek stories where Capatain Kirk actually wore a space suit and ventured outside the Enterprise. I give an example from Star Trek The Motion Picture (1979). Part 1
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