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Subject Deep Dive into your odds of dying from CoVid VaX / Shot based on your location
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Original Message Observations: The Death Rate is Highest in many of the Least Densely Populated States
The Same Calculations for Adverse Symptoms could be done, and would probably
show a similar higher rate of Illness and Disabilities in direct proportion to Deaths.

If the People Running the CoVid Shot(Extermination) program wanted to limit
the Public talking about, and Observing Mass Deaths and Injuries from the
CoVid Shots, making the Most Deadly / Harmful ones most common in Rural
Regions would achieve this goal.

11-01-2021 USA States with the Greatest CoVid Shots Death Rate
Odds of dying if you are Fully Vaccinated by State

By State Odds of dying if you are Fully CoVid Vaccinated (using Population Adjusted for only Fully Vaccinated)

(Sources of DATA)
[link to medalerts.org (secure)]
CoVid Vaccine Deaths 498 for State of California VAERS Data from 10/22/2021
State Population 2020 Census
Fully Vaccinated Rates for State from DATA FROM 11/01/2021
[link to usafacts.org (secure)]

Example of Calculations used (California)
California Pop * Full Vaccination Rate = Population Fully Vaccinated
39,538,223 * 61% (.61) = 24,118,316.03

Population Fully Vaccinated / Deaths = Odds of dying in State if Fully Vaccinated
24,118,316.03 / 498 = 48,430
(Odds of dying if fully Vaccinated in California 1 in 48,430)

If fully CoVid Vaccinated- Odds of Dying by State sorted by risk,
Adjusted by Population and Full Vax Rates as of 11/01/2021
(1 in #)
5,944 Kentucky
10,860 North Dakota
11,064 Montana
12,056 Minnesota
12,471 Tennessee
12,539 Alaska
13,359 Wyoming
14,685 South Dakota
15,779 New Hampshire
16,714 West Virginia
17,312 Georgia
17,628 Arkansas
19,435 Michigan
20,794 Missouri
21,877 North Carolina
22,054 Wisconsin
24,329 Kansas
24,410 Nebraska
24,585 Indiana
25,163 Iowa
25,681 Hawaii
27,351 New Mexico
27,800 Mississippi
28,449 Maine
28,724 Washington
30,147 Illinois
30,375 Ohio
31,030 Washington D.C.
31,262 Delaware
31,377 Florida
33,249 Alabama
36,577 Pennsylvania
37,598 Oregon
38,082 Colorado
39,223 Louisiana
39,915 Texas
41,508 Vermont
41,652 Arizona
42,590 Idaho
42,872 New Jersey
43,286 Rhode Island
43,372 Maryland
44,736 Massachusetts
44,898 South Carolina
45,315 Virginia
46,549 Connecticut
47,135 Oklahoma
47,325 New York
48,395 Nevada
48,430 California
65,432 Utah
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