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Subject HELP me with UBISOFT PC games satanic rituals. They do that to gamers: I believe they use black magic in PC game development
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Original Message Hi guys. long time gamer here

I just finished "Far Cry 6"

Ok .

spoiler alert. it is time to abandon the thread. bye

if you don´t care...about the story of a pc game keep reading.

ok I played pc games for 20 years. yup. hardcore junkie gamer.

Mostly RPG ( role playing games).

well listen. I believe it was 10 years ago I sensed of more "satanism" increase in the game. Like inviting you to participate

well guess what. Far CRy 6. you won´t get anything free , just 2 randoms stuff and ...."a gay flag": the game is about a guerrilla in the caribe. why you get a free gay flag at the store? soros programming already?

geez keep sex agendas out of pc games for fuck sake!

ok let´s go to the satanic part

I noticed games increased some parts in the stories when you have to be involved with invocation, necromancer or some sort of shit

my question is this . Ubisoft always makes you like a CHILD character you have to protect and THEN kid gets killed in your face. I have six sense. I mean multiple games..the same stuff!

you start liking a kid YOU MUST PROTECT. and then you are POWERLESS and kid gets killed. same company different games.
it is a pattern. my six sense tells me this is some kind of black magic stuff. makes you feel powerless

well it is shocking! the same emotional love/protect/die/powerless draining of your soul pattern right there. it is black magic for sure!

in one of the final mission very close and very obvious you can use a map similar to google maps inside the game.

a total pentagram plaza area very satanic was very close to teh game FOR you to see. it was quiet there.
in the FINAL chapters.

why ubisoft do this?

any occultism and gamer specialist here?

why teh love/protect/die in your face black magic pattern gets forced to experience repeatedly?

why they do that? they make you feel powerless?
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