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Original Message I posted this thread because the other thread on the subject is being censored by a biased OP who is attempting to manage the consensus on that thread.

Here's what I think personally. I think the reasons for the protests were legitimate. We should all be opposing police who behave like a criminal gang and ignore the US Constitution as if it does not apply to US citizens.

. I think Kyle is an idiot for going where he did with a gun. However, as far as I know being an idiot is not illegal, if it was half of this country would be locked up.

I think the people he shot needed shooting, and I find no fault in Rittenhouse for acting in self defense. Again, I think his reasons for being there were a general attitude of bootlicking the police, and THUS THE GOVERNMENT.

The question you have to ask is did he intentionally put himself in harms way to get an excuse to shoot people he perceived as the enemy. If he did that would amount to premeditation.

I am torn between realizing the people who were killed needed killing and realizing more than likely Rittenhouse hoped for that outcome, which would technically be premeditated murder.

People are schizophrenic on this issue, the bitch about government tyranny and then lick the boots of those enforcing it on them. I just dont get that. It must be FEAR.
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