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Subject It seems like there has to be about 3 options here...
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Original Message 1) All of this (everything regarding "cv19") is all part of a slow and deliberate process to drain us of our freedoms until eventually things are so fucked that people are allowed to be killed or go missing (for things like denying a vaccine) without really any ability for anyone to do anything about it. No media will cover any of it, and anyone who does will be eliminated too.

2) Word got out to world leaders that some nation or some group or entity, perhaps they know which one(s) or they don't, is/are attempting some sort of sneaky attack - likely biological - and they need an excuse to essentially keep things as "tight" as possible with the general population and beyond until they understand what's going on.

3) The elites are genuinely, massively, cosmically-butthurt about Trump winning and the fact the Republican party still exists and they are willing to literally do anything to make sure candidates like him aren't allowed to win again. Hard to reconcile that one though because the U.S. is just one nation and this cv19 shenanigans is world-wide so...idk.

All-right, a 4th bonus:

4) Aliens


Your own thoughts ladies and gents? I don't agree with any of the lockdowns or all the bullshit that has entailed, I'm just genuinely trying to figure out what cards the elites have in their hands at this point.
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