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Subject Illegals are far more reliable socialists than brainwashed left-wing Americans
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Original Message Illegal immigrants from Central and South America, it turns out, vote socialist even more reliably than delusional left-wing white liberals. Thus, they have been chosen as the protected class to usher in the next century of mass poverty combined with government authoritarianism and medical tyranny. Just as illegals in America are rarely required to carry auto insurance or driver’s licenses — they essentially have legal immunity in Texas, California, New Mexico and other states — they will also not be required to produce any vaccine compliance documentation. They will be allowed to move through every sector of society — including voting booths — without producing any form of identification or compliance.

The vaccine compliance will only be inflicted upon actual American citizens in order to exterminate them.

This is the scenario under which you are now living, and only those who refuse the vaccines will remain as survivors of this vaccine holocaust.

If you comply, you die. Resist the jab and you may have a chance, although it will be difficult to stem the flood of illegals currently sweeping across the country by design. They are given air tickets and deposited in swing counties and states where Democrats need an extra voting boost. They can no longer reliably pull off with ballot fraud, you see, due to increased scrutiny of electronic voting machines following the rigging of the 2020 election.

Once again, Democrats are plotting two or three moves ahead on the chess board while the GOP is playing tiddly winks and getting bamboozled at every turn. The GOP is still fighting the last war while the Democrats and the globalists are overrunning the country with each passing day.

The America you once knew is already gone. The youth have been hopelessly corrupted with LGBT grooming and the complete failure of public education. The injections required to achieve the mass die-off have already been administered. The fiat currency has been printed to the point of ruin. Now it’s just a matter of these maneuvers playing out.

Few people have yet come to realize that the America we once knew is already lost. Like Sun Tzu, the outcome of this war has already been determined before the first shot is yet to be fired. Now the only question is who will be in charge as America falls. Will it be the Democrats who deliberately engineered the destruction of this great nation? Or will it be the Republicans who stood by and did nothing while the Marxists and communists took over every institution?

Either way, the world you once knew is gone.
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