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Subject This is written to all those who believe they can have a direct relationship with father God with without Jesus Christ.
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Original Message At the end of the day, in order to have a personal relationship with God one must go through Jesus Christ as God cannot ignore sin. You must remember that if a “divine being” exist (which he clearly does) he is also a just judge and is holy. We know this because all human beings have a conscience to tell them right from wrong, this comes directly from God. The one who is perfect and without sin.

Think about all the sinful and terrible things you have done in this life. Do you think God just ignores that ? You cannot even approach God let alone have a relationship with him without the sin problem being sorted first. We are all sinners by nature and that is what seperates us from the living God as he can’t be around sin because as I just stated earlier he is perfect.

Imagine if someone does you wrong, whether it be stealing, murder, racism, rape ect....
The next day they come to you and insist you just forget about it, sweep it under the rug and act like nothing happened....

You would be angered and enraged wouldn’t you not ?

You wouldn’t accept this would u ? You would demand Justice so that person fully pays for the wrong they did.

Trying to access God without the sin problem being resolved is essentially doing the same thing and expecting God to be ok with that.

We cannot repay God back for the sins we committed as it’s just to many. That’s why every single human being who has ever lived is going to be judged.

This is why we need Jesus, in order to avoid this terrible judgement. God sent Jesus Christ to live a perfect sinless life to only be crucified have his blood shed just to pay the penalty for our sins (John 3:16).

The church has made Christianity into a fear based “religion”. With lots of tedious rules and commandments ect..... However this is not what God intented, no one is saved by religion as it does nothing for the individual and it does not bring them any closer to God.

However what God wants is a personal relationship between himself and man but that can only be achieved through Christ.
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