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Subject Covid vaccines and the elites' depopulation war against humanity
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Original Message We all have different opinions on the real motive of the covid psyop and the "vaccines", and where the narrative will be going next. To make sense of it all, it might be helpful to look at it from the elites' perspective. Consider this example: suppose you bought a big property, with many buildings to renovate and a huge garden to landscape. You hire dozens of workers for the task. Over time, you realize that quite a number of them are lazy, not helping much and actually living off their skilled colleagues hard work. But everybody's doing their best coping with the situation, so you leave it as it is for a while.
But finally the project is reaching completion. You decide to keep only 10 workers to bring the final touch and keep working on the maintenance for years to come. Who would you choose for the job? The 10 who first show up the next morning? No, you would select the best, most skilled and dedicated workers of your teams. You might even give them a final, special assignment to work on, to assess their value and motivation and help your decision process. You would finally reward these select few for their work and dedication, offering them a big salary increase and the best working conditions they ever had.

Next-generation warfare

As crazy as it sounds, I believe the elites have put in motion a similar selection and depopulation process, that they have euphemistically called Great Reset. They can't wait to bring to life their ultimate utopia, a global government without any opposition, that the world will acclaim and support, and in which they can finally release all the toys and advanced technologies they've had to keep hidden for so long, free energy, lifespan-extending technologies, actual science (unlike Fauci's...) and healthcare, etc. For centuries, people have been working on the technological setting that such utopia would require, and it is now ready to embrace the elites' vision.
But with technological progress came a big downside: demographic explosion. Technology has removed the daily fight for survival of previous generations, and human population has grown exponentially. This is a major issue for the elites, as they consider most people unthinking freeloaders, useless eaters, unable to evolve to fit into a spiritually and technologically advanced world. As long as these people comprise a majority of the world's population, any effort from the elite to establish a lasting "perfect" order is doomed to fail. That's why they want to depopulate the world, and for the success of their project, it can't be a random process. As implied in stone on the Georgia guidestones, they want those spared to be capable of resolve, self-discipline, and spiritual growth.

For decades, they waged a stealth war against humanity on every possible front to stunt population growth. Agenda 2030, the war on CO2/Climate Change, were the latest additions, mostly wars against human development, under the guise of ecological concern. But now with the global injection program we have reached a whole new level of crazy. As it has been well documented here and everywhere, the operation has nothing to do with health, and like many here I could witness with my own eyes the damage caused in people I know in real life. The only logical way to make sense of it all is as the first chapter of an all-out war against humanity. Many will be in denial about it, and that's understandable.
We often hear people saying: "why would they target the compliant?". People saying that are still living in the fantasy world created by the system and the media, and they can't come to terms with the reality of what the elite are actually doing. Compliance mattered when they needed us, when we developed their world and technology, but now the job is done and they want most of us gone. As the eugenicists they are, they just want the smartest and strongest spared, those who will be bringing something to the table, adding value to their new world. Besides, when their utopia is finally unveiled, everyone will be in awe and will gladly comply - that is, except those who will see through that final deception, and will refuse to worship it and take its mark...

Understanding the above gives us a few hints of where this war could head next. People love to make fun of the French Army and its deluded faith in the Maginot Line when WW2 broke out. They basically wanted to win another WW1... in 1940. But that's not how the world goes, things had changed and the war in 1940 was something entirely different than what the French military command had prepared for. Similarly today, many people fantasize about classic kinetic war like what happened during previous wars. But the world has changed and that option is no longer practical for the elite. If they really wanted to depopulate the world through a global nuclear war, why the tremendous work pushing the covidian and vaccination narratives? The truth is, Skynet is already live, but it's launching syringes by the billions instead of nukes.
That said, we can't rule out some traumatic, limited-scale war, that would provide a perfect cover for the planned economic and financial collapse. For example, imagine what would happen to the financial system if some city center was leveled by a sudden missile strike, or if the internet or power grid went down for several days due to cyber-warfare.
The West is hammered so hard by globalists because it is the key, the central piece in this global domination chess game. When it goes down the global supply chain will go down with it, and many countries will see their food supply drastically reduced. Even if most people in the third world remain unvaccinated, they could still be decimated by the famine that the West's disarray would cause. What would happen to a country like Egypt for example, mostly a desert and with more than 100 millions of mouths to feed, if food imports stopped flowing overnight?
[link to egyptindependent.com (secure)]

Ordo ab Chao : vengeance and rebirth

It's very hard to predict in detail what will come next. Probably much of the same first. Governments will keep increasing the pressure for everyone, children included, to get vaccinated or boosted. They'll go as far as they can go without causing full-blown riots. The methods will vary from country to country, depending on the degree of compliance of the local population. In many places health/vaccine passes are already mandatory to be accepted in society. Infinite boosters will be required to keep these passes valid.
If the first two injections were harmless for most, we can fear each new round of boosters will be more and more toxic, causing more health damage and deaths among the vaccinated. Refusers will probably not be dealt with at gunpoint or sent into camps, but will be excluded from jobs and shunned from society, threatened with fines, and maybe even denied access to food or the banking system at some point. They will keep being purged, especially from official positions where they can be a protective force for the public, in healthcare, law enforcement, military forces, firefighters, schools, etc.

The covid lie can't be maintained forever, and the elites most definitely have an exit strategy to cover their tracks when they deem its damage complete. They will probably pull a giant distraction that will focus our attention on a whole new crisis. As we said, war is the more likely, but it could also be some sort of engineered "cosmic" or "natural" catastrophe. This event will take the blame for the collapse of the financial system, ensuring that more perpetual emergency measures are taken, meaning for everyone more life disruption and economic destruction. The covidian folly will end, as everyone will then have real problems to worry about. The consequences of the injections, however, will be real and there for years to come, causing unthinkable death and suffering, away from media scrutiny. The chaos and deprivations will aggravate the suffering and deaths among people crippled by the injections.

Resistance and thirst for revenge are expected, in fact this is where the elites' plan is pure genius. The final war for global domination is no longer between nations, in fact nations will become irrelevant as the world descends into chaos. It will be between two global forces, the Great Resetters gone mad and the global resistance, as mankind is forced to rise up and unite against this mortal enemy. When their old system becomes too uncontrollable and its dirty work is deemed completed, the elites will pull the plug on it, and put all their money into the resistance.
As the truth comes out and people learn what has been done to them and to their children, they will obliterate the visible power structure that sent them to the slaughter, V For Vendetta-style. And like in the movie, their rage will be focused particularly against media, political, law enforcement, medical and religious authority figures who betrayed them. Needless to say, it will no longer be a snowflake's world. Knowing they're on borrowed time and with nothing to lose, their vengeance will be as senseless, brutal and immense as the crime perpetrated.

With all the privileged people who had a vested interest in preserving the status quo finally removed, with the world's nations in tatters, the road will be cleared for the elite's final move. From the ashes of that world in disarray they will resurrect their scheme of global domination, but this time wearing the clothes of the resistance, of We The People, like after the French and American revolutions, but on a global scale. This new world government will put an end to the madness, restore peace and sanity, and bring to life their utopia.
The same way the US and Russia gained legitimacy to rule the world by ending the horrors of WW2, this new government will gain an instant and unchallenged rule over the world when it ends the horrors of the old system and restores the rule of law, to the great relief of mankind.

"And all the world will marvel and follow it"...

As the conclusion of the Matrix movie foretold, the evil NWO and its matrix of total control will fail. In fact, it was never intended to succeed. It was intended to destroy the old world and those who cling to it, and gather the awakened elects into a mesmerizing new one, "a world without rules and controls, without borders or boundaries, a world where anything is possible".

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