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Subject Compassion for the vaxxed
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Original Message We are not going to stop these crimes against humanity if we allow the discussion of the vaxxed v unvaxxed to polarize further. Obviously the pharma shills have been out in full force, but the atmosphere on GLP has gotten hostile. There is way too much self-righteousness about not getting jabbed versus compassion for those who felt they had no choice but to get jabbed. There are many long time members who have stopped posting and/or not renewed their memberships, perhaps because a number were vaccinated for whatever reason and now it is hard to come onto the site without dire warnings of their imminent demise.

I am against these chemical cocktails, lockdowns and mandates on all levels. The majority of my friends and family in the US, Canada and Europe have taken it mostly because of the travel or work restrictions if they did not take it. I wish they hadn't (or hadn't been coerced into it), but it is not my right to interfere or judge. I wish them good health and joy and I pray that there is a solution to heal the body from these jabs.

GLP threads come up a lot on DuckDuckGo. We know from the VAERS that there are millions of injured. We need to support them instead of blaming, bullying or insulting them. Save the insults for the Karens and politicians who deserve them. Many of these lurkers/ACs have a lot of information to share or might need help bringing attention to symptoms, side effects or what have you, but for the non-red pilled vaxxed (or even red-pilled vaxxed), entering GLP at the moment is like a kitten walking into a room of hyenas.

Remember the blue-haired SJW turned Trumper? She got red-pilled in a way that didn't mock her hair or piercings. When making a point, it is more effective if it shows compassion or concern for the problem without personal attacks. Blame big pharma, blame all politicians who allowed this, blame Gates and Fauci - they should be charged with crimes against humanity and suffer horribly at their execution for said crimes - just don't use the same level of hostility on the vaxxed. If we really want to defeat the Elite, we cannot afford to alienate anyone based on their vaccination status. Let the shills earn their $3.50 They stand out like sore thumbs if the collective membership isn't raging against the vaxxed. Rage against the vaxx, not the vaxxed.

My heart goes out to all of you. It's crazy how many people have lost family, friends, colleagues and neighbors to this cocktail injection, either through isolation or their passing. It is terrible that so many vaxxed cut off relations with the non-vaxxed. I sympathize with the pain of losing your family and friends to propaganda. Blame Fauci, Gates and Soros, but don't allow that animosity to poison your most personal relationships. If our worst fears come true about the lethality of the jab, then regardless of how we feel right now, we won't want our parents, siblings or best friends to pass on thinking we hated them because they fell for the propaganda/didn't speak out/got coerced into taking it. All the anger and self-righteousness is a temporary emotion; when they are gone, that anger will be replaced with grief. Don't make it worse by being the equivalent of an anti-vaxx Karen.
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