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Subject Online Dating Message From Vaxtard
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Original Message I became single in May- as much as I hate it, everyone is going to online dating so set up a profile. I’m in my 50s, in a red state and get lots of messages. GLPer for 10 yrs and can’t respect a man with a profile badge proudly stating they got the shot so delete them. l updated my profile to meet someone with my values, stating I was a conservative Populist and anti-vax. Got my first liberal since the update. A real estate broker, that couldn’t help himself.

Normally I’m happy happy joy joy, even meditate ha ha- but updated my profile stating my position. I’m done with these liberal assholes. Here’s our convo:

HIM: Good morning, I'm Keith, in XXXX, where abts r u in XXXX

HIM: Why wld you be anti-Vax, 90+ of the people in the hosp are unVax. I'm only curious, I just can't understand how some can ignore the science. Keith

ME: I’m a very educated woman and researched extensively from both angles. My daughter is a medical lab scientist administrator at a major children’s hospital kids are having major heart problems. Look up the inventor of mRNA vaccines Dr Malone- these are not the good ol’ flu shots from the 90’s they alter your dna- listen to what he has to say for a start rather than listening to politicized propaganda. Have you ever heard all the Pfizer commercials on CNN? Do you know the typical timeframe to push a drug though FDA? Do you know in the hearing this week the senate is asking for Faucis financial records- he stated they were online which they are not. Do you know Fauci was a major player in the Wuhan lab? Do you know Khazakstan has a similar more dangerous lab than Wuhan? Do you know the military in 2018 refused to allow Fauci authorization for similar gain of function research because they deemed it too dangerous? Look up all the athletes that are collapsing .

Please educate yourself rather than trusting the “Science.” What I’ve said in my response is all corroborated with govt documents. If I’m going to say something I’m gonna back my play. I intentionally added I was anti vax to my profile as I am looking for a real relationship with a like minded man. Why do you feel it necessary to reach out to try and school me with your “trust the science” bs? I’m minding my own business and not on here for debate. This is a dating site. Good luck finding your dream girl 🌻

ME: And 90% aren’t unvaxxed. I’m busy working now so don’t have that data readily available but I think we’re done here
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